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Sundanceh, Nana B & Christmas Cards

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Ever since I received my wonderful musical gift, I have been playing it at work non-stop until I leave for the day. It keeps me in the mood and calms me down if I get stressed. I love Christmas music. We have a local radio station, 97.1 Wash FM that starts playing Christmas music after Thanksgiving until the day after Christmas, which of course, I turn my radio to until the day after Chritmas.

The Silver Star was placed on my Christmas tree over the weekend and will hold a special place in my heart.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who sent me Christmas Cards. They are PROUDLY being displayed on my very large fireplace mantel. My husband gets home before me and he calls me everyday to let me know who we are getting cards from, and when he would see a gentlemen's name, he would ask in that "voice", so who is ?????? and I would reply, Oh he is part of my second family, the semi-colons.

SEMI-COLONS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nudgie - so glad the Christmas CD makes you feel better, I was hoping you had received it. It was nice to be able to give a gift that everyone really appreciates. You are welcome!

I opened a post about what it meant to me to give everyone those cds if you want to read it - you'll see a couple of others that I put out there too.

Happy Holidays!

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