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PET "Normal"

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Hi all, just an update to what I have found out so far regarding my PET scan of last week. Don't see the Oncologist until 1/15 so wasn't really keen on waiting that long to find out. I called his office this morning to inquire and although they don't normally give test results over the phone he agreed that waiting over the holidays to find out just wasn't cool. Without going into any detail he said that everything with the PET/CT looked normal. I do have an appt. with the surgeon next Tuesday and he will have the pics and report from the scan as well so I'm sure I will get more in depth information then. Thank-you all for your support and interest in my recovery. You are all truely special people. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. I wish you well.


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If there is one word that we ALL want in our vocabulary, it is "normal". Of course as you have read here numerous times a "new normal" can often be very different from the "old normal". That is not necessarily good or bad news. It is what it is. The "new normal" is something we can all learn to live with.

So, savour that "normal". It will get you through many a tough time.

God Bless............JK

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This makes my holiday even better hearing your good news, congratulation my friend, now we can have a real Christmas. Thank you Jesus for protecting Mike and helping him through his cancer.
If you want ask for a copy of the PET scan disc and put it on your home computer, I have a copy of all my PET scans, some people call me a nut but I like knowing all I can about my cancer.
Take care and may God continually bless and strengthen you and your Wife

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Have been waiting to hear from you. What wonderful news. Enjoy your holiday - I know you will. Blessings on you.PK

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Ditto what everyone else said.
"Normal" is good. Real good.

--Jim in Delaware

Kent Cass
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Yes, Mike- excellent news for you, and for all of us. One of us has good news, like this- it helps all of us, with our own battles. Pretty sure I would not have called-in to get the results, like you did; but maybe, just maybe, you got more courage than I do. Glad to hear of your news. Many more such good results, Mike. Merry Christmas.



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Great news. Enjoy the Holidays.



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Nice to hear your news Mike. Enjoy the holidays and breath easy !

Regds from Oz

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Very good! Makes the Holidays even sweeter:) Enjoy!!!


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How are you doing in the land down under these days? Did you find anyone to do acupuncture if so does it help?
Happy Holidays to you in the Oz world

Take care my friend.

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HI Hondo,

Life is great down here. Fantastic weather and we are in a beautiful location called Forster in NSW on the east coast 300km north of Sydney.

I just booked to see an acupuncturist on the 5th January. Most people take a week or 4 off here at this time so I have to wait.I will report back with any results.

Have a Great Christmas Hondo and all the rest of the readers and I hope we all have a healthy 2010.

Scambuster in Oz.

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Pam M
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Thanks for sharing the good news - happy for you - hopeful for me.

Some New Year's Eve celebration, huh? Enjoy!

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