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Not in the news...but it should be....

usakat Member Posts: 610
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This has not been reported by large media sources (ABC, NBC, CBS, Los Angeles Times, etc.), although I'm hoping they will catch up.

Check this out...
California Changes Screening Protocol for Low Income Patients


  • geotina
    geotina Member Posts: 2,111
    Not cool
    You had to figure this would happen when the recommendation came out for screening to start at age 50. As an aside our insurance (and our insurance is pretty decent) does not pay for mammograms, we pay that out of pocket, and when I get the bill ($300.00) from the University of Michigan I make a call and they reduce it to $193.00 if I pay within 60 days. Our insurance also does not cover screening colonoscopies anymore. Last year I was refused so this year my doctor wrote the order that it was a follow up to previous colonoscopy (6 years ago) and that I had some digestive complaints and they covered it with no problem. Tina
  • tootsie1
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    Not good!

  • coloCan
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    tootsie1 said:

    Not good!


    Watch out for that so-called Healthcare "reform" bill
    that Democrats got their 60 votes for.....I wonder if health plans will force people over 50 to go on Medicare as primary coverage to cut expenses and tho I pay alot for my plan, even with additional deductable and then small out-of -pocket for ostomy supplies thety's covered well over $150,000 s o far. Bluntly-I don't trust politicians at all and even more so as I get older......Happy Holiday
  • jsabol
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    Hi Kat and Bob
    Hi Kat,
    I don't spend much time on the boards, but today is 9 years since we lost my dad to this disease, and I was drawn to the board again.
    Hope you and Bob are doing well; wishing you both much happiness in the New Year. Are you still in the Keys? We'll be in Islamorada in March for a wedding...would be great if we could meet up then?
    Hugs to you both,