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9 weeks post op

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An update. My DaVinci was Oct 19, so I'm 9 weeks post op.

Overall, I'm extremely happy. I feel completely able to do just about anything (although I'm a bit out of shape). I can pee faster than my 22 year old son (it's almost scary the force that comes out with the prostate gone). I have to be careful that I don't splash too much, or clean up if I do. I'm fully continent (never had to wear diapers from day 1 - only a few pads). My PSA is undetectable. For some reason, removal of the prostate cleared up a nagging nerve issue related to hernia surgery a few years ago. And it's almost Christmas!

OK, one down side that I completely expected - ED is fully in force. We've tried several remedies (Cialis and the pump so far). Cialis isn't working at all, and the pump works to about a 50% level I would say. I have all of the equipment for injections, and I will try that next, although, I have to say, it's not my favorite thing to do.

Overall, I'm blessed. Thanks for your support and prayers.
Merry Christmas to all.


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Glad to here that things are going well for you. I had my surgery about a month before yours and am following along the same track as you. No incontinence from day 1 and still dealing with the ED.

Although I have added a new wrinkle, that of having IG/IMRT Radiation Therapy. Seems like some of the little boogers escaped before the surgery and we have to kill them off.

You are a better man than I though. I am not even considering the injection route at this time. It is statistically shown that the ED can take anywhere up to a year to resolve and I am going to give it the time before I think about needles and my nether regions.

Bless you and your family and continued great recovery to you,


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Sonny - I followed your radiation journey on line. Sorry that happened to you, but I would imagine you've read the studies and found that it's ultimately successful. Prayers are with you as you go forward.

I've done the needle twice. Haven't found the right dosage - it hasn't worked yet. Problem is, if you overdo it you might have to go to ER and get the blood drained. He other potential complication is priaprism I guess.

Guess I just need to be more patient.


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