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Just diagnosed..early

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Was just diagnosed in November this year. Gleason 6 (3+3), 10 percent. I am considering Henry Ford in Michigan. Anyone familiar with Dr. Peabody. Appreciate some feedback.

Thanks in advance.

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I was diagnosed in July 09. Once I made the decision to approach PCa with surgery I went on a quest to find what I thought to be one of the best in the country. I am blessed with great health insurance so traveling and cost was not part of the equation.

I live in Orlando but was called through research to check out the Vattikuti Urology Institute at Henry Ford. Dr. Peabody is part of this group. While my surgeon of choice was Dr. Menon, head of the institute, I also heard great things about Dr. Peabody.

This group was one of the first to use da Vinci for prostate surgery and has continued to fine tune the process over the years. As a whole, everyone I came into contact with was absolutely professional and caring. Their concern is for the patient as a whole and not just the cancer removal. They have developed and fine tuned procedures that address incontinence and ED, two of the main side effects of treating PCa.

The first person you come in contact with there is Arletta. Without a doubt one of the most caring people I have ever met. When you give her a call, tell her Sonny says "hello".

If you look back through this site you will find where I documented my entire journey, from fact finding through surgery and recovery. I wrote about the process here so that folks like you that come looking for answers would find a point of reference for their own journey. Most of my posts have my name in them.

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. I can forward my email to you if you like.

Bless you and your family throughout your journey,


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it may be appropriate for you to follow "Active Surveillance". How many cores were taken, and and of these how many was 10 percent.

Active surveillance
Diagnosed 3/09 Gleason 3+3=6, 2 of 12 cores with less than 5 percent involvement in each, age 66
PSA's 2007 2.26 , 2008 2.27 , 1/09 2.2 , 6/09 2.5 , 10/09 2.6
4/09 endorectal MRI/MRS no nodule involvement
appr. 9/09 aueron molecular test--97percent chance of containment in the next 8 years

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I was just diagnosed as well. One out of 12 came back with a less than 5% cancer. Contained and a Gleason 6. ( PSA 5.02) I will review with my Dr when we meet again in early January. That said, and I may be mistaken, but my initial thought is to NOT rush into surgery just yet.
I want to gather all of the facts.

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By the way it is a good idea to get a second opinion on your parafin blocks, the biopsy results; simply have them sent to an expert, Dr. Epstein Johns hopkins is a excellent choice.......analizing these blocks is somewhat complicated, and there are better labs than others..........you do not want to be over or under treated.

when I was first diagnosed, I made the rounds...saw a radiation onchologist who wanted me to take action within 5 weeks.....he was telling me that I was between a 2c and 3b( he misdianosed me)....by the way as it turns out my stage is T1.........at that point I was worried, went to ucla, saw a world class surgeon, whose middle name is probably prostate, who told me active surveillance.....he did not want to discuss surgery...This doc in my opinion is an expert's, expert, and is honest man....I continue to see him

Now, I did a lot of research, spoke with lots of docs, mostly at support meetings and informaly..........there are quite a few who give incorrect infomation....for example I met one who takes patients on trips, to get hifu........he was telling me that he has a predijuce(sp) to active surveillance........I mentioned different studies to him that support active surveillance, which he didn't seem to know about , and discounted.

It's my feeling that I want to continue the quality of life that I enjoy, that I am willing to closely monitor and have treatment if necessary.........I also believe that in a lot of cases...this disease will not progress....that active surveillance may be the only treatment that is required.

Anyway this is my take.


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