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UT Southwestern and Craig's DaVinci Story - Posted to UTSW Website

Sundanceh Member Posts: 4,392
edited March 2014 in Colorectal Cancer #1
Hi Gang

UTSW has released their article on me, Dr. DiMiao, and DaVinci and have posted the story out on their website.

Here is the link for you to read all about it:


The pic is of Dr.D and Me, and Kim - the #1 DaVinci Team in North Texas :)

The hospital photographer and KTVT Channel 11 news were there in the room with us - we were actually doing my follow-up clinic appointment when they took the pictures.

This is the first story to be released - I'll keep you posted on the paper and the TV news story as it unfolds.

Happy Reading!


  • Joy1216
    Joy1216 Member Posts: 290
    What a fascinating article about you and DaVinci. Congratulations on being NED.
  • Kathryn_in_MN
    Kathryn_in_MN Member Posts: 1,252
    Great story
    Thanks for giving us the link!
  • lizzydavis
    lizzydavis Member Posts: 893

    Great story
    Thanks for giving us the link!

    We are proud of you, Craig!
    We are proud of you, Craig! That is a terrific article.
  • SandyL
    SandyL Member Posts: 218

    We are proud of you, Craig!
    We are proud of you, Craig! That is a terrific article.

    Awesome article
    thanks for sharing this with us. I'm looking forward to seeing you on TV.
  • Kathleen808
    Kathleen808 Member Posts: 2,342
    Thanks for posting
    What?! You started the decade with a tornado! You really show us how to live and keep hope alive!

  • lesvanb
    lesvanb Member Posts: 905
    Way to go Craig
    Your tenacious pursuit to take good care of yourself, to look into different options, and to never give up is inspirational for all of us. Thank you.

    love, Leslie

    Much love and care to your wife Kim as well.
  • PhillieG
    PhillieG Member Posts: 4,866
    Way to Go Dude
    Craig, way to go my friend. Great write up and it's nice to see your wife too. You 'da man!
    Love the facial hair too
  • khl8
    khl8 Member Posts: 807
    what a fantastic article!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PS. I listen to my CD all the time! you are the best!
  • Sundanceh
    Sundanceh Member Posts: 4,392
    Just a bump - I wanted everyone to get a chance to read this article on UTSW website.
  • Paula G.
    Paula G. Member Posts: 596
    Great read. So happy for you Craig. You are a STAR!!!!
  • tootsie1
    tootsie1 Member Posts: 5,036

    That's a wonderful article! You spoke very well, which is not unexpected at all. And I was not surprised to read that you viewed this procedure as a chance to help others. That's just you, my dear friend. Always about helping other people.

    Thank you for being a pioneer, and thank you for being such an eloquent spokesperson for our group. You did us proud!!!

    And please tell Kim that she is lovely!

  • Annabelle41415
    Annabelle41415 Member Posts: 6,712 **
    What an excellent article. You actually made news and big news at that. I'm so proud that you were willing to give them that robot to work on you so that others might prosper in health as well. You and Kim need to pat yourselves on your back (including your doctor and surgical team) for performing a remarkable surgery. Awesome

  • dianetavegia
    dianetavegia Member Posts: 1,942
    I'm a bit slow....
    Robot.... ROBOT. NOW I get it. DUH...

    Hey, can I have your autograph? You're famous!

    Great article! Very interesting stuff.
  • Fight for my love
    Fight for my love Member Posts: 1,522
    You guys look pretty good in
    You guys look pretty good in the picture.
  • luv3jay
    luv3jay Member Posts: 533
    I have a famous friend now!
    I have a famous friend now! I can say "I knew you when..." :-) Way to go, Craig.

  • Shayenne
    Shayenne Member Posts: 2,342
    luv3jay said:

    I have a famous friend now!
    I have a famous friend now! I can say "I knew you when..." :-) Way to go, Craig.


    Great Article!
    And great Pics!! Let Kim know she is a beautiful woman, and amazing to be taking care of you as well through the years! Strong lady! You look great! I like the facial hairs!

    I had no idea you lost a house to a tornado, you poor guys, and going through all this sickness, it's about time you need a break from it. I wish you so much luck for the new year, and I know your back to work already, and hoping you had a chance to recover more before you went back. I hope you're out of pain while at work, and your co-workers treating are treating you well! YOU DA MAN! and my lion!

    Hugsss and Loveee!
  • ittapp
    ittapp Member Posts: 383
    Hey Craig, I finally got a
    Hey Craig, I finally got a chance to read your article, I am so impressed!! You look wonderful considering the surgery not so long ago, and your wife is adorable!! I am proud of you Craig you have really been a pioneer in this surgery. Your name will go down in the medical history books.Have a very Merry Chritmas and Happy New Year!!! Patti