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re-occurring plasmacytoma in a different location

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Is there anyone that has had re-occurring plasmacytoma in a different location? This is my second bout. First was in my back (2002) and now I start treatment in my hip. My doctor says it is very unique specimen to have another singular tumor in a different location. The hope is way eliminating the tumor will also eliminate the neuropathy that has developed over the last several months in my legs, arms and back.

I was told Thursday that there were only 13 reported cases, Now 14. I have many questions but I know that they cannot be answered by the medical field but maybe someone out there knows or has had re-occurring plasmacytoma.

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I was diagnosed with singular extramedullary plasmacytoma in 2007. I had tumors in my mouth, throat and airways. My Dr.'s also indicated to me that this is very rare to have multiple sites of plasmacytoma. I have not had any reoccurance just multiple sites to start with.

The tumor in my throat impacted my breathing so much I needed to have a trache placed before they could start radiation treatment. Over the past 3 years I have had the radiation therapy ( 25 treatments), Rituxan, Velcade and Revlimid. I developed neurapthy in my feets and hands after I started the Velcade treatment. I am now 2 1/2 yrs past treatment with the Velcade and 9 mos. since I was on Revlimid. The neuropathy is finally getting better. Yahoo!

I would be glad to answer any questions that I can I have not found anyone to discuss plasmacytoma with either.


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Hello, I was 33yrs old when i was first told i had plasmacytoma .It destroyed my T2 verterbra. My Dr.told me i was rather young for this type of cancer.That was in 2000 .Now in June of 2011 i have been dianogsed again but in my lower back.You are not alone,very little info on this type is available,discouraging.hope the very best for you. Loren

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