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A turn for the worse

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Okay so on Saturday Dad started running a fever.. 100.6 and his Drainage tube area was pussie, So mom phoned to drs, the said to give him liquid Ty and clean with Proxide, So thats what she did. His temp came down but he took the ty every 6 hrs.

Sunday he woke up and the drainage from the tube was BROWN. His temp was 101. So the phoned to dr and they said he had to come in sounds like a leak. Pack a bag. So indeed they did.

Got to the ER, Had a CT done, and it looked fine, they decided to admit him because they wanna see whats going on. So They said he had to go for a chest xray and a barium sallow, all of which came back great! They said but their may be a tiny tiny leak that didnt show up on the sallow test. So they have to do a scope this a.m. at 10am. If they dont like what they see they will use the same incision and fix the leak or repair whats going on.

I really really really feel that its the drainage site that is infected, but they glace at that and thats it... Who knows whats wrong.... I dont even think they know and thats scary... He was treated with antibotics and now today his fever is gone.. white blood cell count was 22000 which is high but now it dropped a ton.

Please please can you say a little prayer for him that he is okay and home for xmas with me and my family... My kids are really missing their pap pap.

God bless Tina

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Till tmw. The dr had a very tough case and he didnt want to start dads so late in the day... So tmw at 7am. He will go in for a scope that will show wear the LEAK is.. But they think its a leak indeed... they are doing chest xrays and seeing fluid and they just need to scope as their eyes to find it now.

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Hi Tina,

Sorry to hear about the situation with your dad. If anyone can fix it they can!! In my prayers.

God Bless

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I am worried for your dad. All we daughters can do is pray and help our parents out... we can help balance out the extreme emotions or amplify the concerns that arise (if need be)---to just offer comfort. i haven't been able to post as often, but keep on top of your dad's status---please know we are all there with you (& him).

I know by your posts that you are taking one day st a time... God Bless--

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Betty in Vegas
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I am hoping that they will realize it is just a soroma that is under the tissue that is infected and he can get out of the hospital quickly!

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Today is the day, and now he should be in there. He's in a great place!!! My prayers are with you!!!! Please update us as soon as you know something!!


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