Stage 3 A NSC Lung Cancer Right upper lobe and lymph node

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Hi My wife has been diagnosed with stage 3A NSC Lung cancer She just finished chemo and radiation and were waiting to get another MRI or scan .Please let us know if surgery is the only option and anything at all. God Bless Merry Christmas Don


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    Don, it is hard to say what options will be available. I would venture that even your wife's OncoMan will await the results of the next scan(s) before determining that.

    I can tell you, though, Don, that it is often true that we HOPE for the opportunity to have surgery as, in some of our cases, it may mean the difference between life and death.

    It all depends on individual circumstances, of course.

    There are also opportunities for additional chemotherapy of the same sort previously used, and even to switch to other agents which might be more effective.

    Incidentally, as a survivor of NSCLC, I was advised that my type (squamous cell carcinoma) tended to be less aggressive than small cell lung cancer, and hopefully that is SOME meager good news for your wife and you. Beyond that, there are many folks on this very site who are long-term survivors of even stage IV lung cancer.

    Best wishes for a great report from the next scan(s), and Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones as well!

    Take care,

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    Other options
    Hi Don. I was diagnosed with Stage 3B NSC and have been to many doctors. I have tried Tarceva, radiation and chemo. My tumors have been stable since I've been on cisplatin and alimpa however, the future of lung cancer treatment is in genetic mutations. Ask her doctor if she can be tested for the ALK mutation or the EGFR mutation. They have new medications for these. University of Colorado in Denver is currently conducting a clinical trial for people with the ALK mutation and are having great results. You can also get on to find one in your area. Good luck!