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how long before return to work

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i know this may vary for just about everone but i had the robotic procedure done on nov 13th and im wondering when some of you guys returned to work or what your doctor recommended for the return to work as im seeing him this coming wed any input would be of use to me my job is physically challenging thanks in advance eldon

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After LRP I returned to work 2 weeks later. But, if I had to do it over again, I would have taken 4 weeks. I just got restless watchinb TV, but discomfort wise I wasn't ready. Even had a little bleeding, no big deal, but I was pushing it. And I had a desk job


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I also return to my desk job in 2 weeks (1/2 time for 3rd week, 3/4 for another) after my robotic RP--even though my surgery was extensive (there was metastasis to my right seminal vesicles and beyond--and the surgeon has to cut way outside my prostate to get negative margin). Aside from having to go to the toilet frequently , it's fine. After 9 weeks my continence is getting better (my recovery is expected to be slow due to extensive surgery).
However, I am not able to play tennis (I tried gently last week and pulled a muscle--still painful). Guess I have to wait a few more weeks and gently beef up my now-flabby muscle.
Your surgeon should tell you how much strenuous work you will be capable of, and determine when you can go back to your physically challenging work. Good luck

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Hi My doctor made me wait 6 weeks and I have had no problems because of it. I work in a sawmill and have had no accidents even with the lifting


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I returned to work after 3 weeks (desk job) and ran in to lots of trouble. That third week I think can go either way. You might be completely fine, or might have complications like I did. I had some clotting issues that required re-catheterization twice in the third week. I had some embarassing episodes at the Dr (soaked jeans), which would have really been embarassing at work.

So my advice is take the extra week, even though you think you're ready.

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I have a unique situation where I work from home 3 to 4 days each week. (desk job).
I was given a release 6 days after surgery (the day they removed the cath).
However, my boss said he didn't want to see me in the office until January, which would be 4 weeks after surgery.

Larry B

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my work said 4 weeks minimum as they did not want me to hurt myself and need more time off light duties for the first 2 weeks i am lucky I dont need to lift to much I think it depends on your recovery I got a DVT in my leg christmas eve its on the mend i hadnt been wearing my ted stockings so be carefull listen to your body and the doc best wishes yes it has been boaring at home good to get some normality back in our lives thanks for a good site shane

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indicated 4-6 weeks they want therapy for bladder control...... and more office visits I guess. I think that I am doing fine, approaching 4 weeks post op.

The Nev
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I was 6 weeks then returned to light duty however I work in a refinery and to give you an idea of how they work us. I went back on light duty and was then scheduled to work 21 12hrs days in a row. I was off for 1 day and went back and worked 12 in a row and was then off for 2 days. So I think it depends a lot on you and your employer. I was 8 weeks before being released to full duty.

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I am 43 and a school teacher... My doctor recommended that I take three weeks off... However I took four weeks off, this gave me a chance to feel better concerning changing pads... I think if I cound advise anyone it would be take four weeks...


Michael S
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I had Robotic surgery Dec 3rd, prostate gone along with seminal vessels. I didn't do well with the anithesia, and the doctor "nicked my bowel" which caused some shock to my system and my heart went nuts for a night because of it. I was supposed to be in the hospital for one night, ended up spending 4, due to my heart. For those of you wondering, I did have an ekg, mri, mra and a sonogram before surgery and my heart was fine, this happened from toxic shock. I had the catheter removed on the morning of the 16th, 13 days after surgery. That same night I could not urinate,so I had to have another catheter inserted for an additional 6 days and had it removed on the 21st. It has been out 2 weeks now and I still have leakage and have to wear pads, but I seem to be using fewer each day. My doctor recomended I take a month off work which I have done and am glad I did, especially since I had complications. I don't do any lifting at work but the therapist keeps saying 6 weeks to 3 months lift no more than 15 lbs. I think thats to conservative for me but everyone is different and should start at there pace. Now that I have recovered to this point, my biggest concern is how long the leakage will continue, I certainly hope it's not much longer. Any postive feedback on that subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for listening to me vent.

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just want to say thanks to all not just to those who responded but everyone on this site it has helped me through a lot of this as has my wife but to be able to sit here on certain days and either vent or sympathise has helped me alot and i cant thank all of you enough so thanks again eldon

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