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stage 4 nslc with copd blood clots

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My dad is 74 yrs. old with stage 4 non small cell lung cancer, copd, blood clots in neck and shoulder. He was diagoised 1 week before Thanksgiving. He has received 10 raditation treatments and just received his first round of chemo three days ago. His doctor has only recommended 3 rounds of chemo, one day every three weeks. My question is with all his problems working against him, what can we expect from here? He has pain in all his joints and he wants to stay awake all day, since he has alot of friends that want to stay over the house and keep him company.

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I am sorry about your dad. Is he on blood thinners if he already has clots? This is often a good idea so that he doesn't have a stroke or pulmonary embolus, especially if he has clots already.

Unfortunately, lung cancer has a poor outcome most of the time. With stage IV, you aren't looking at a lot of time. If your dad is able to stay up most of the time, he should. He should however rest during the day as his body needs it. Having a great PCP/oncologist is the most important thing we have found with my mum being sick. Having a doctor who is responsive to the patient's needs is very important and makes a huge difference.

Overall, enjoy the time you have with your dad while he is relatively well and painfree. God bless you.

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