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Anyone else getting hit with snow this date?

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Anyone else getting snow this evening? There's about two inches so far in Brooklyn and its coming down heavy at 7:55 this Sat evening.Hope no one's stuck in it or has difficulty getting to facility if being treated this Mon or Tue.....Steve

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Snowed here for about 3 hours...Nothing stuck but they say the east got a pretty significant amount..........

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in we may have less than an inch in the grass and on porch here in south central ky.maybe more or less than you buzzard....Godbless....johnnybegood

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We've got about 18 inches and it's still coming down. It's supposed to stop tomorrow morning. Quiet weekend at home :-)

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We got about 6 inches here in NC. Gave me the gift of time. Instead of running around doing stuff, I have been able to stay at home and finish up Christmas projects. Christmas cards will be in the mail tomorrow!


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at 1:30 AM. Looking out kitchen window you can see wind blowing snow like a sandstorm across the streets so there is no accumulation on one side and snow bank on other, which I can;t see from window. I;ll try to go back to sleep again but like watching,from indoors, snow falling down/////Steve

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We got ours yesterday and the night before here in Ohio. I slid sideways trying to get out of the driveway, went over some bags of mulch in the yard and tore off my muffler system! I sure don't like the snow as much as I did as a child. Yeah, that's the way I like it, watching from the window, but it's a b**** to have to get out in it!

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Only about 6 inches (of snow). I have a friend in Jackson NJ who got over 18 inches.
(of snow)

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Was alot of snow yesterday, snowed yesterday morning and all night last night, but didn't accumulate to much.. we thought we were going to have to cancel the shows, but we didn't have too, and today it's not snowing, so we're able to go with doing the show as well today (yay, last show date! I can use the break! LoL)..this week will be chemo and rest week, except will be shopping one of those days!


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but since it was still soft it was easy using my walking cane to get most off my car which was not far from apartment bldg otherwise I probably woulfdn't have walked so far in it--streets weren't shoveled or plowed yet. Too cold and windy overnite for me go go out into it like I use to do.....Hope everyone can get their treatments Monday; I go Tues for chemo; roads should be good by then here.(I take car service-too F=====up after chemo to drive home with pump....Steve

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Saturday and all day about 14 inches in Pottstown,Pa.
cleaned snow off car this morning,
thought I was going to die- don't have the stamina on chemo
like I used to!!
I can't remember when we had a significant snowfall
before christmas,usually don't get snow 'till january
Funny, I was just dreaming of a white christmas,
just like the ones I used to know!!!!!!

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Accumulated 20-25" since yest morning until this morning. Tried to shovel and the chest was really heavy not doing as well on chemo either. Tomm I get my white shot so I should get more energy within the next couple of days. Is that how it works for you? The neighbors were so great they shoveled me out and shoveled my pavement while I slept this morning. I can't get enough sleep. When I went out I told them I was faking and they tried to hit me with snow balls but didn't - got a nice laugh today. Hugs.

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Nope, can't say that we had any snow in these here parts. The sky is overcast and we did have some rain but it's pretty good at about 75 degrees. Now that's cold for me!


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just a trace of the white stuff on the ground, but it sure is cold.....

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I was going to post that. :) I had to put my jammies back on cuz I don't have any clothes for cold weather (75 deg).


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Hey Steve!

I'm in Upper Marlboro, MD and we got about 16 inches! And they say there is more to come by the end of the week.


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