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cancer of esophagus

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Posts: 112
Joined: Dec 2004

Has anyone else developed, or know anyone who has developed esophageal cancer after rectal cancer?

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Joined: Mar 2009

A Missionary friend of ours just died from esophageal cancer tho. During his very short battle, I read that Dr. Cantrell has had excellent results with his treatments for that and other cancers. If you look a bit down the threads, you'll see Lisa42 is being treated by Dr. Cantrell our of Tenn.


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Joined: May 2005

a friend of a friend is dealing with that type of cancer. I may forward Dr. Cantrell's name to her and have her pass it on. Thanks Diane for that info.

Boy! If it's not one end it's the other. I hope they do OK

4law's picture
Posts: 112
Joined: Dec 2004

my docs tell me one has nothing to do with the other -- Jan will be 5 yr mark for NED of rectal cancer -- you're right, I just got through beating it at one end -- now on to the other........if it's not one thing, it's another.....

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Joined: Jul 2008

Hi 4law,

I'm sorry you're having to experience a new primary cancer. Although I don't specifically know of anyone getting esophageal cancer after rectal cancer, I have heard of others on this board who have had two different kinds of cancers, a couple even battling two kinds of cancers at the same time. I wish you all the best! Diane mentioned that I'm being treated by Dr. Cantrell in Nashville and that esophogeal is one of the types he treats- well, I actually wanted to correct that. I DO know of someone on this board who has esophageal cancer (he never had colon or rectal cancer) and he's being treated by Dr. Cantrell, BUT I wanted you to know that esophageal is not one of the main six types of cancers Dr. Cantrell normally treats, but he did take this man w/ esophageal cancer on. I believe he told me that Cantrell wanted to make sure he understands that it will be considered more experimental for him since esophageal wasn't one of the six normally being treated.
The main cancers Dr. Cantrell treats are: pancreatic, colon/rectal, melanoma, renal(kidney), and certain sarcomas. If you're looking into alternative treatments other than regular chemo, however, Dr. Cantrell is still someone to check into. He apparently does take on some patients with other types of cancers as well and has at least one patient that I know of who has esophageal cancer. The website for his clinic is www.neoplas.org
His own story is really pretty amazing & how he cured himself of his cancer and has been cancer free for nine years now. I think it's definitely worth checking out. I've been on his treatment of Lovastatin and a low dose interferon for two weeks now for my stage IV rectal cancer (I've now had disease progression on the "last" of the approved chemo cocktails for colon cancer and am now doing this treatment of Dr. Cantrell's).

The man's avatar name on the board that I'm speaking who is going to Dr. Cantrell for esophageal cancer is DAN R and you could find him this way. I don't believe he was a regular on the CSN board prior to googling Dr. Cantrell and finding my post about it a couple of months ago. Maybe you could send him a PM and ask more info if you're interested.

Take care & blessings to you-

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