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one year down.

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hey, everybody. i have never made my own post on a discussion board before (i posted here as well as on the "caregiver" board), but tonight is an anniversary of sorts. so, i just wanted to do some sharing with some people about the love i have for my husband.

one year ago tonight was the beginning of what will prove to be a long road for us. actually, it seems that it has already been a long road sometimes, when you lay it all out to think about it. if any of you are interested in the details of what we've been doing the last 364 days, please have a look at my "about me" page, and the "expressions" page where i have posted some details about us, and some photos. (just want to show him off)

but as to the events of a year ago tonight, we were hurriedly putting together christmas presents for family. we had procrastinated about the holiday, and had finally come up with presents that would actually take a long time to make. i was knitting a scarf for my sister and he was drawing a portrait of me for my mother (which is pictured on our "expressions", and completed after his first craniotomy this year), and we were listening to podcasts of "this american life" for about 4 hours straight. then we went to bed and did a crossword puzzle until he fell asleep on my shoulder. i remember this incredibly enjoyable night for a very specific reason. it was 20 minutes after he fell asleep that he had a grand mal seizure that set off a chain of events that has been...challanging, to say the least.

you see, i remember this night so vividly because of the horrible things that happened directly afterwards. but there have still been so many good nights and days since then. i feel like i'm paying more attention to those now. i wanted to share that my husband has given them to me. he keeps me in a positive place even when things get hard. he is stronger than me. he is the epitome of goodness to so many people. he makes me better, and has since the day we met. so, i'm working really hard to make him better. though the circumstances seem hairy sometimes, that feels really good.

thank you for reading, thank you for understanding and thank you for being here.
it's nice to put it out there. we are 27(me) and 29(him) years old.
we have been married for 2 years. i am so lucky.


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very lucky!

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You guys are just beautiful! I love the fact that you draw your strength from each other (rather than god, as so many would advise - I'm not a believer, either)! You remind me a LOT of another CSN user, the_liz_army, a brain cancer survivor like your husband. She also has a blog about her ongoing experiences - The Liz Army, as well as a CSN page here. I think you have a lot in common, despite the fact that your roles are switched.

Keep posting, let us know how it's going!

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Hey, that's me! Thanks for the shout-out, stayingcalm. :)

Sydney: Your post was beautiful. I am so lucky to have someone like you in my life (except my Sydney is named Brett). You must be a strong and caring individual. Happy holidays.

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word. you know, love does that to you. thank you for the attention. it helped. ha!

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