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Surgery 6 am Monday

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Finally got the time of the surgery. Boy, they sure like to keep you hanging out there. I am to report at 6am and they tell me that they won't start until 7-7:30 am. I sure hope they give me some happy stuff early on so I don't freak out too much. I can't even begin to relate to all of you brave people that have already done this, how scared I am. I have been encouraged by so many people and so many are praying for me. It just makes me all teary eyed when I think about all the good people trying to help me.

I have promised my family, that I will be good and do as they tell me, and try not to take over the hospital and tell them how to run things my way. LOL But, I am sure I will make a few suggestions here and there as I am recovering. From what I have been told, the staff are all wonderful and know what the patients need before the patient knows.

My 3 children, brother, and darling sweetheart are going to be there with me for the surgery, then they will go home to their children to get ready for Santa. I have a best friend in Houston who will be staying with me a lot. I have been blessed with so many friends and family to help me get through this.

I will have someone post on here to give you all an update of what is going on. Again, thanks for all the encouragement and prayers.


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Tina Blondek
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Best of luck to you Cathy. Glad you finally got the date. I will be thinking of you and praying for you on Monday. Thanks for the update. hey.....sometimes you have to tell the hospital staff what to do and how to do it!! Hang tuff, stay positive, and keep your faith.

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Where are you Cathy? We are at MD Anderson Monday for full day of chemo. We'll be praying for you to go through this trial and come out the other side with your banners streaming!

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Betty in Vegas
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If you are still in chemo or in rad in Jan, we are there the 11-13 I think. (Tests)

We could meet over a chickfilet (ohhhh i am SO addicted to those. We don't have them here.)

We'll be praying on Monday Cathy. I know you are going to be PHENOMENAL. You will do better than you thought you would...because you have such a "get it done" attitude! And your Merry Christmas will be to put Cancer behind you and move FORWARD. Forward is so very good.


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