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dry skin and cracked hands and feet

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chemo has dried me out so bad my hands were cracked and getting sores on them being on insulin knew that was not good called my onc and was told about a generic product from walgrens called advanced therapy dry skin treatment and let me tell you it works you apply several times a day (little dab will do you ) and I am already seeing the cracks disapear.I put it on my feet also and it is wonderful pain has gone from both feet and hands I can recomend this is you suffer from dry skin .

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I used pure unrefined shea butter

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Bag balm has been working for my husband. But it is very greasy. I am going to pick up some of the advanced therapy dry skin treatment for him to try! Thanks!
Kim (I am new here!)

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this is very thick stuff like a gel it only takes a very small dab and rub in and if possible put on gloves to allow it to soak into the skin let me know if it works...

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The best thing I have found recently is Lubriderm Shea & cocoa butter. The cracking and peeling is a mess and sore.

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Thanks for the information,my husband's hands started cracking,so I am going to make all these lotions on list,we will get them at weekend.Thanks to everyone.

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Worked best for me ,slather it on before you go to bed
with socks and cotton gloves.

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