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Dad diagnosed with Stage IV had resection

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Last Friday, Dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 colorectal cancer with mets to liver.

Dad is 74, recently emigrated from Florida here in the States where I live (I'm in Jersey) to Eilat, Israel.

He had a CT last Wednesday that showed a mass in his colon, colonoscopy on Friday and a colon resection this Monday all locally in Eilat. He initially needed transfusions due to low blood pressure. My step-mother told me today that on Monday they had taken out 20 inches of large intestine. She mentioned earlier in week that mets to liver is between 50-100%.

Pre-op they were talking about chemo plus radiology. Have not heard any update post-op on treatment outlook.

My Step-Mom is focusing on his immediate recovery right now. We have spoken of getting a second opinion in Tel Aviv once he has got recovery from the op, once the local hospital have indicated how they would treat him and once he is well enough to travel. Either way the preference is to have treatment administered locally in Eilat.

He is recovering slowly from the op. He sounds OK on the phone considering and is supposed to be out of hospital next week.

I was just in Eilat with them about two weeks ago and he was diagnosed days after I left. Do not yet have plans for my next trip.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad.

Get your step mother to clarify the liver involvment. Is she saying his liver could be up to 100% engulfed with cancer?

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Thank you for your empathy. My Step-Mom told me that the surgeon told her after the surgery that the liver is between 50-100% engulfed.

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