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all clear for theraspheres!

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I got the news a few minutes ago that i am set for the spheres. I gett hem on monday the 28th. I did the dry run and test yesterday and everything was a go! I think this will be very good news for me! I am nervous but maybe it will get me to resection!!


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I am happy for you! Good luck!

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That's great news!! I really hope these work for you, let me know how it goes, keep us updated on what they do, and the side effects and all that, I'd love to hear it. Good Luck with it, you'll be in my prayers!


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Hoping that all goes well with that. I don't know what it is, but I hope that it works well.


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Paula G.
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Good luck Christy. Thinking of you. Paula

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Hope it worksout well for you.....STeve

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I am so happy that the spheres are a go for you. Please keep us updated on this treatment. Do you know if they can do spheres if you have mets in the lungs as well as the liver? I'm trying to look at some treatment options to talk to the oncologist about when we go in January. Thanks Tina

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Is this the same as Sir Speres? that is what they will be doing the work up on me. Let me know what you had to do for the work up. Patti

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Christy, that's great! Can't wait to hear how it goes.


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What are theraspheres and sirspheres ?
I have read on posts about people getting
them but no one says exactly what they are.


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Hey Kate, Sir Spheres is a procedure that is administered through the portal vein of the upper thigh. They send seeds of radiation through this vein to the liver,and it collects in the tumors. You can have anywhere from 25%-90% shrinkage in the liver. You have to be off of Avastan 6 weeks before they can do the procedure. I am in the process of coming off of Avastan to qualify. I have to see a Radiology Therapist Monday, he will make the final decision on this procedure for me. At that point I will have to go in to have a mapping of my veins to see how I will do. Patti

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I hope this works well for you.

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thanks for all your support. I had the "dry run" as they call it on the 16th and I go in the 28th for procedure. The testing they do is to see if the radiation will go any where else and how it will effect lungs. My test came out great and I am ready to go. They say it could "kill" tumors or shrink them. I hope for the best!! I have to stay over night in Moffitt in Tampa Florida.

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Hi Iluvmms, I went to see the Radiology Therapist today and he agreed with the Interventional Radiologist that we are a go for Sir Spheres it is the same as Theresheres, I asked today. I will go for my dry run on the 11th. I am so glad you are a go for this procedure. Please let me know how it goes. What did you Dr. say about % of shrinkage? He told me anywhere from 35%-90% Let me know what you have been told. patti

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