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1st Chemo went well!

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Other than it being a long day (we didn't finish until 8:30 PM), I couldn't have asked for an easier time of it.

No nausea so far, but I took my meds in the morning just in case. Just a bit tired and very slight wooziness. Going for my Neulasta shot early this evening (they don't want to give it to me until at least 6:30 since chemo wasn't complete until 8:30 yesterday). I could probably go in to work if I pushed it, but I've decided to stay home. They can manage without me and I think I'll be better off in the long run if I take it easy now.

Thanks for all of your positive energy and prayers - They're working like a charm!

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Whew! What good news to know that your first chemo went so well for you! Yes, take your meds whether you think you need them or not. And, drink lots of water!

Glad you are taking the day off. You need to rest today as this is your 1st chemo and that is a lot for your body to have to go thru.

So, relax today and don't push yourself to do too much. So happy that you are doing so well.

♥ Noel

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Glad to hear that chemo was tolerable for you. The reaction to the first treatment is a pretty good indicator of how you'll react to the rest of the treatments. It's probably a good choice to not push yourself today and just rest and take it easy. Be sure to drink lots of liquids, preferably water. Sending positive thoughts your way!!

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1st one done and you did ok! I am so glad Cindy! Rest today and drink lots.


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Congrats Cindy! I bet it feels good to have that first one done. It is the fear of the unknown so many times that strikes terror in us. Praying that they all go smoothly for you.

♠♣ Susie ♠♣

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Jeanne D
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I am so happy that you got this first chemo done. You did it Cindy! I have always admired the bc survivors that took chemo. I was fortunate that I didn't have to, and, you all amaze me. It takes a very strong woman to go thru it, mentally and physically. Congrats!

Love, Jeanne ♥

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