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Hi..just signed on today..so new here

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Need a place to talk with others who are in the same spot I am. I was diagnosed with anal canal caner in April 09, but now it has matisized (can never spell that word) to the lymph nodes behind my stomach and in my thoriac inlet area. Undergoing chemo, just had my 2nd tx on Monday, and so far everything is going good. I have my days of cause, both physically and emotionally, but I do have a good support group of friends and family that help, and now I've found you guys. So please instruct me what to do from here!

Thanks everyone!

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Sorry you are ill. But welcome.

Only a few here have had anal cancer. That's generally treated with different meds than colon or rectal cancer. Maybe you could share more info so others would know how to help.

What meds are you taking now?


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and relax and enjoy the ride best you can. Feel free to post anytime, ask any questions or just come here to vent. We are a very close group of people (close as you can get for being an online support group) and the people here are just wonderful. I call this my second home. I am currently done with treatment and was given the all clear a few months ago, but I still come here just about everyday to see how my family is doing. Just a great place to be!!

Welcome! and God Bless

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Welcome to the boards. My name it Brooks and I have stage 3 colorrectal cancer. I just did my second to the last chemo treatment YESTERDAY!!! My best advice is just sit ride it out and it's going to be one hell of a ride!! LOL Come to this site OFTEN. These people know what they are talking about and have walked the walk. Once againg WELCOME

Life is funny sometimes

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Happy you have found this site. It is really a "soft place to land". Everyone here is wonderful. You can talk about anything here without being embarrassed. Everything is fair game. I was diagnosed Stage IIIc in Oct 2007 and am now NED...Yeah. I didn't come across this forum until recently and it has been a gift from God to me. Please let us know a little more about your staging and treatment. Glad you're here.

God Bless you,

Debbie (gramma)

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So sorry to hear that you have had to come here, but glad to welcome you. We are a great bunch of people who will try to help you if we can. Glad you had a good support group.


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Paula G.
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You are in a good place. The people here are a ton of help. Sorry you have to be here. My husband is the one with cancer. You will have good days and bad days. It is very hard to wrap your head around it. But I hope you will find many friends here that can help you with the ups and the downs. They have helped me. Best to you, Paula

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try to keep a positive attitude, be strong.....People here are very helpful and sharing with their experiences and knowledge.....Steve

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Welcome to the site,I had colorectal cancer myself,with 11 lymph nodes.I did chemo,and radiation.You will have good days and bad days,but try and stay strong,and if you need any thing we are here.

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Welcome to the board but I sincerely wish you did not have to be here. I am the caregiver to my husband George who was diagnosed with Stage IV colorectal cancer this year. His cancer was in the transverse colon and so far, is doing good. Feel free to post often and someone will come on and try to answer questions you may have. No subject is off limits here from poop to sex to radiation burns, just ask away. Take a deep breath, try to relax and take things as they come. What chemo regimen are you on? Take care - Tina

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Hi PenTurtle,
Sorry to hear of your metastases. You have found a wonderful group of people here. You won't believe how supportive and comforting they are. What treatment did you have with the first DX? What chemo are you getting for the mets? I was DX'd 4/08 with anal cancer and after radiochemotherapy was all clear until 11/09 PET results showed a 2cm liver metastases. Took the time to seek a 2nd opinion for treatment options. Waiting on new PET and 3 level CT to see if I am a resection candidate. Please visit the site often, I know it has made such a difference in my mental health to communicate with this group of encouraging individuals. Take care.

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Hi, welcome to the board. I don't know a lot about your particular kind of cancer, but I would love to support you as I can.


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I had the same cancer. Diagonosed in July, treatment finished on 9/11. From what I learned, if anal cancer comes back or spreads, the liver and the lungs is where it usually strikes. Can you share more about your original treatment plan?

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Welocme to the best "club" in the world, and the one you don't want to be a member of!
You will find any advice, freindship anything yo are looking for here. The people of this board are amazing.

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