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complete esophageal blockage

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Evan went to have his esophagus dilated today, but they found that it is totally blocked. They could not believe that they had let him go so long without being checked out. They have set up an appointment for this Friday to set up a day for surgery, yet they know that they won't be doing it until after the first of the year. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks to everyone that has been answering our questions. We've learned more from you & have gotten more done since we've been able to tell them what we want done instead of asking them what we should be doing. All advice has been very useful in at least getting some answers.

Thanks again,

Amy & Evan

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It is difficult to understand how someone had a 'scope' as you indicated on 11/25, without 'complete esophageal blockage' being detected, among the other tests and scans that have almost certainly been done.

An endoscopy means running a camera completely down the esoph to the stomach, just for starters, and that would not seem to be physically possible with a complete blockage, to say nothing of the observations that would have been made along the way.

Perhaps you misunderstood when you indicated that he had been 'scoped'. That happens all of the time, I know.

In any event, I am not personally familiar with a 'complete esophageal blockage' and do not know anyone else here or elsewhere who has experienced that.

You may want to visit the esophageal cancer board in this discussion board area, to see if anyone there can help you with this, in the event you receive no additional replies here.

Best wishes to hub.

Take care,


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Hi Joe. Thanks for writing back. Will look on other discussion board. The first scope was to look @ voice box in trachea & then they used the same size scope to look down esophagus, but it was to big to go down far enough to see the blockage. That's their excuse for not seeing it the first time. But from how the other Dr.'s reacted yesterday I believe they feel the same way we do about not seeing it before, if they looked down it. Go tomorrow to set up surgery & get the details. Once again thank you.

Amy & Evan

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