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Update on dad since surgery.

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So dad got surgery on 12/7. Spent two days in ICU due to lung problems, they said it was normal when having this type of surgery. So he underwent sooooo MANY xrays. Wednesday he went to a step down unit, got up and walking. Thursday went for the leak test (passed) got one chest tube out and the NG tube out and he was HAPPY!!! Friday he did the CL diet, did 1oz a hour, Came home on Saturday! Did the full fluid diet. Yesterday he went for a check up and got the staples out, and they okayed him for soft foods. Yet he wont eat them yet (i guess hes scared too) Just wants the full fluid stuff still (pudding, jello,broth,tea, coffe,yogurt, ice cream). Im pushing eggs and hopefully tmw he will eat some. He wieghted 171 before surgery and now as of yesterday he is 165. They have his feedings at 1000 a day. I just hope he dont looses to much more. He has ups and downs of course. Today was a good day, he even went to watch my nephew do ballroom dancing at school!!! AND LAUGHED!! Then the Home health RN came.. My mom flushed the feeding tube out around noon, RN came at 1pm and it was clogged, they took it apart, cleaned it.. nope didnt work, tried running coke thur it.. Didnt work. Went to the ER.. Thankfully it was only the tube and NOT the whole thing. Replaced tube and off he went!

Now tomorrow he has an appt with the oncologist, DR. Gibson. We will then get answers as to what staging it was, and whats the plan. Good thoughts and prayers please!

Ill update after tmw's appt!


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sounds like he doing doing well so far!!
My dad had surgery same day I think, but not home yet--didn't pass leak test, but I think they are being extra cautious? They didn't actually do the barium swallow---just had him swallow water and saw "bubbling" and stopped the test...?? He is so ready to be home---mentally he needs to be able to DO something. Hopefully he can "eat" soon. I pray your staging report is a good one--keep us posted----as I have said before---this is not a subject that you can talk to just anyone about. Most neighbors & friends have never know of anyone going thru this...

Looking forward to to your good news!!

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Hey Tina.

Sorry we missed you!! Our appt with Dr. Gibson was yesterday! May next time we can coordinate!
So glad Dad is doing well.

God Bless

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Yes Dad saw Dr. Gibson Today! The sat down and talked.. Well 4 out of 20 lymph node came back. Not to bad, I guess it can be alot worse then that. The wont talk about staging at all. Just that it didnt spread any where else. He will have Chemo thur IV 1 day for 3 wks for 2 months. He will also take a pill forum too. Then he will have Radation on top of chemo after the two months. He will finish up at the end of june with everything. They seem to be happy with the plan, but like he said nothing is set in stone. It can all change depending on dad.

THank you for the well wishes and God bless!


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Tina Blondek
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Dear PGHmomma,
I just learned that we have the same name! That is a sign to me. I read your letter of good news, then saw your name at the end, and said to myself....hey, is this my story? Hope my thoughts will bring my dad as much luck as your dad. Congratulations to all of you! Prayers will continue.

Tina (too)

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I know Ive read some reply's and I though Hey, did I write that..But they were from you!

I will continue to keep your dad in my prayers and hope that he will recover nicely and at time that is fast for him!

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