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surgery update

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The surgery is over and all went very well according to the surgeon. He has been in recovery for nearly 3 hours and I have not been able to see him yet. I am anxious to see him! God has surely answered my prayers and all of yours -- the way we had hoped for.
Thank you guys!
Now, recovery time...

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now that that LONG day is over....you have a new stage to move onto. For my dad it was up one day and down a day---don't get discouraged---stay positive/loving for him---helps healing! Ask lots of questions. Let him rest as well as being there when he needs you. HE is lucky to have such loving care! We will all being thinking & praying for you & your husband today.

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Thanks William and Kim for your kind words of encouragement. He is in a lot of pain and they are working to get it under control. Evidently, when they did the surgery, they had his arms up and out to the sides - like how Jesus' arms were on the cross I imagine - and his back, shoulders and neck are hurting him really bad. So, please pray that they will get in under control for him. He does have sleep apnea but cannot use his CPAP machine until the drain is out of his nose. They have checked his oxygen levels in his blood to make sure he's getting enough oxygen. Because of his pain, he has not been up and out of bed at all. Nor are they making him do the breathing exercises right now.

I'll try and keep you all posted. I'm sorry to say I don't have time to check on everyone else's posts right now to know what is going on with you all. Just know I am praying for each and everyone of you!

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Hey Shelly,

Take each day as it comes. He will be in pain, but it will get better everyday.
Know that my prayers are with you. I know how difficult it is right now.

You are both in my prayers,
God Bless

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