False alarm -- whew!

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Three months ago I had my 6-month post-surgery followup PSA test and got "undetectable." (They were using the "ultrasensitive" test, so that's less than 0.01.)

Two days ago I went in for the next test in the schedule at a new lab--we move around a lot (see the website), and got 2.82 ng/ml! For those of you who like math, that's at least 280 times greater than the last test. Blood pressure through the roof, serious talks with the wife, contingency plans.

Yesterday I went to yet another lab, had to wait 24 hours for the results (Guatemala is pretty rural--this lab had to ship the sample to the capital city). Came back "undetectable."

Extra ration of rum for the captain tonight.


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    glad to hear the good news -
    glad to hear the good news - not going to try best two out of three ? (kidding).

    I had one of those situations happen to me ( lung cancer 1998 ) and went in for the annual
    chest xrays............. read as possible tumor ( again ).

    Cat scan provided the pudding, false alarm. Was a long week in between the test and the results.

    Relax and enjoy !