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1/2 hour before we leave for first tx

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well, after 2 delays, I'm 1/2 hr away from taking my hubby to his first tx. In the last couple minutes, i've gone from feeling strong to crying to getting tunnel vision and feeling like i wanna throw up...

he's strong & ready (as he's ever gonna be)

big deep breath and then we're off!

wish us luck!


jen :o)

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your way. I will say a prayer that you will both have the strength and determination to get through this next hurdle. May he see maximum benefits with minimum discomfort.

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HI Jen,
I was in your shoes two years ago and I know exactly how you feel. You guys will do fine, everyone reacts to chemo differently, stay positive, I know you both will be fine.

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Please update us as soon as you get home. You all have been in my thoughts all day. Greg's first Folfox on Monday went very well and he's going to be disconnected 3 hours from now. Other than being sleepy and taking some naps throughout the day, he's been doing great - and I'm sure your husband will too!


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The anticipation of the 1st reatment is the hardest. I hope all went well today & that good results will follow!

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All went well! my hubby had no side effects to start and the infusion went great...however, i got him home, got him fed and then, decided to make him a nice glass of baking soda water to rinse his mouth out with...and you guessed it... I MADE IT COLD!

he took one sip and screamed out -- i was so horrified at what I did, after knowing for months that he couldn't drink cold water and being so anal about making sure he was staying warm, I burst out in tears!

that was 2 hrs ago and i'm still crying and upset about it -- he of course is very cool and he also discovered that even drinking water a little above room temperature made it feel like a razor blade in his throat... he's now drinking water thru a straw

we cried several times today but we are feeling much better knowing that it's now 11 to go!

thanks all for your support and kind words today!

jen :)

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Jen, I can only imagine how awful you felt. It's amazing isn't it that even room temp. water can affect the throat. You will not forget that again, I'm sure. Hope that he is feeling fine and has very minimum side effects from this chemo. During husbands chemo txs I always thought of warm things to fix-hot chocolate, soup, warm pie (no ice cream). And he was getting his txs during the winter blast last year at this time so he couldn't even go outside comfortably. His face would get tingly and ache even as soon as we came out of the hospital with the first tx. It's some crazy, weird stuff but it does kill the cancer.

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Don't be so hard on yourself, you have alot to get used to and you will.

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