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Dad's apt. tomorrow

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My dad will be seeing his oncologist tomorrow to go over the results of his PET scan. We know it has spread to the liver, so we need new options. He's pretty grouchy and miserable with that stent. I've told him that he should look into having it removed, but according to him I don't know anything. I can only pray this Dr. will have some recommendations for him. He's dropped about 10 pounds, so I hope he's healthy enough to start a new chemo regime again. He's still wanting to fight, so I'm happy for that, but it's been a year now and we are back to square one again, no surgery and starting a new chemo. I'm just so greatful he's still with us this Christmas, but was hoping it would be a better Christmas for him. Please say a prayer for him so that he will listen to the the Dr. about any recommendations she may have with this stent!! I'm giving my mom a list of questions and will be asking about the Herpacin that Charlie is now receiving and the pill form of chemo.

Thanks for listening!!

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I'm always comforted by your words!!! I'm just ready for tomorrow to be OVER!! Thanks for the prayers always!!! I do believe in the power of prayer and I know everything is in God's hands and I'm trying to be patient, but as we all know it's hard!!! Thanks so much for being here for me and the rest of us on this site!!


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My prayers are with you always, I know how hard it is to play the waiting game. I pray Dad
is able to go on with additional treatments!1

God Bless,
Love,Hugs & Prayers

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