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Dad had a good day

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My father started his chemotherapy (Cisplatin) in the hospital yesterday. He has the port in and is happy about that. He went home last night with the fanny pack of 5-FU. Anyhow, prior to yesterday he seem to be getting more and more depressed as the days went on. I would call my father a "workaholic", so I think the whole idea of being sick, not being able to work and provide for his family has been the toughest part for him. He has a 6 year old son at home. He met with a psychiatrist at Mass. General yesterday and he said he has felt strong ever since, he told me that he is beginning his battle and that he feels good about it! I am so proud of him. I asked him about his side effects and he hasn't felt any yet, I know that he will eventually and so does he. He said that he is going to take the nausea medications if needed and just do whatever the doctors say. I know that there will be many ups and downs but I'm happy today.

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Hi Lindsay,

My father has stage 4 EC and at this time is not a candidate for surgery. Do try to keep his spirits up, it helps. My dad did have the fanny pack of 5FU also. His did have some bad side effects of diarrhea. That was the hardest of that chemo for him. He was given tincture of opium to stop it and that did help. This is a good site to be on with so much information and great people to give advice. Good luck with your dad. My dad is VERY hard headed and wants to do things his way. Hang in there!!!

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Thanks Erika. Trying to keep my spirits up. I wish I could say the same for my sister. She is dealing with this all on her own and trying to not think about it until she sees my dad. Then she goes into shock. This site is helping me to get educated and to really face what is going on.


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