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---keep the HOPE for EC---

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My dad got GREAT & not so great news. But the GREAT outweighs the "not so great". The ad news is He failed his swallow/leak test, but they will repeat it. Also, he is having a problem with increased glucose and is having insulin (he has never been diabetic before EC).

The GREAT NEWS is that the pathology result showed NO LIVE CANCER CELLS IN THE MARGINS or in the 23 Lymph nodes that they took!! The surgeon said he was a stage 3 and will always be concidered that even though they don't see any cancer at this time. This is a great comfort bc of a ?questionable lymph node seen on a US near the liver at earlier testing.

All of you---no matter what stage THERE IS H O P E !!!
hang in there!

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I'm so happy the pathology report came back clean!!! Maybe the glucose will resolve itself too. What a great Christmas present you guys got!! I'm sure he'll do fine on the next swallow test!!!


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Its okay Jeff's flunked his the first time too, its called healing process, I am sure with his age and problems, it will just take time, hopefully things will turn around for you. I know what you are going through and when the path report comes back you just want to shout from the roof top huh? Just remember I have been there, You just hang tight pull up your BIG GIRL PANTIES and keep on moving.

If I can help let me know, oh by the way you need to read the post on Kitten I think you would want one.


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The good outways the bad. It happens, just another bump in the road of many more to come! Also with his sugar did they tell you that it may happen after surgery. Its pretty common. It may go away shortly.

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