HPV/VIN I Please help!

I've just been diagnosed with VIN I and have apparently had HPV for at least 11 years. Why they didn't tell me this when I had a leep done years ago is beyond me. I'm so upset I wasn't told I would've made better decisions if I'd known.

Anyway I have scheduled surgery for laser vaporization and a partial vulvectomy a week from now. I really question if this surgery is going to be worth all I'm doing to prepare for it. My biggest fear is the pain I'm going to be in afterwards and how long it'll be before I can be back running around with my kids. As a single parent I can't have much down time. I also wonder if all the symptoms I have now will be gone for good or not?? Mainly the constant itching. I also would like to know from those of you who have gone through this if the emotional problems will go away or not, (feeling ashamed, angry, hurt)? I'm confused on what to do. I dropped my boyfriend and I'm afraid to tell him the real reason why. I don't want him making me feel worse than I already do but I also feel he should know he was at risk. What do I do???

Please if anyone has answers for me I'd greatly appreciate it.


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    Your posting name says what
    Your posting name says what all of us here felt upon our diagnosis. I cannot honestly say what the recovery time is from the type of surgery your having as I was in a whole different boat. I do know that if your healthy, recovery from laser surgery is much quicker than traditional surgery. And with healing of any kind, especially in that area, some itching is expected. Your feelings of anger, hurt, etc. are also normal. Time is the only healer. If you "dropped" your boyfriend because it was a bad relationship...okay. Your right, he does have the right to know. But if your relationship was good...he may be a good support system right now. Support is so important, mentally and physically at this time. Statistically, 80% of the population has been exposed to the HPV virus and the percentage is higher in males than females. Are you sure he might not be the one who exposed you? Step back, take a deep breath, and take one day at a time. Overloading yourself with all the unknowns at this time is bound to only make you feel worse. Ask your docs lots of questions. You may not like the answers they give you...if they give you any. They tend to generalize and avoid at times, because everyone is different and they can't see into the future any better than us. Keep posting...there is great support here.
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