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suv what does it mean

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We just got back the new pet scan report and i was wondering what this means.... Two new hypermetabolic lymph nodes in the right level 2 neck, 2A lymph node with suv 4.8 in image 224 and 2B Lymph node with suv 6.1 in image 220. Its the suv that i dont really understand Doctor is not very good about explaining things.And We Had another doctors appt. So did not have time to press him on the matter any help would be great. Thanks Joyce

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I believe it has something to do with the rate/amount at which the radioactive glucose is absorbed when you have a PET scan. I'm no Doctor and don't want to be misleading you in any way if I am not correct but maybe you can use this info to find out more. Good luck with your treatment and I'll see if I can find out anything else when I go to my PET scan today.


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Always ask and if you are not satisfied with the answer, ask again telling the doctor to explain clearly in laymen terms. Also you might want to get a copy of the PET report and disc. I have all my PET scans copied on my lap top and I review them with any new reports I take. I trust my doctor, I also want to know all I can about my cancer and ways to treat it.

Take care and Welcome to CSN

Attn: Mike I got your back door with prayer on the pet today, good luck and God bless

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