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pancreatic cancer

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My husband was told he had pancreatic cancer stage 4 a little over a month ago. I am finding it very hard coping and still trying to be strong for him. Good days and bad. I'm trying to cope. We have a one and a two year old. How do you get the strength to keep going? All I seem to have is prayers to keep me going.

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You will find the strength... its amazing how you do... Just take one day at a time.. come here often to vent and read what others have to say. I didn't find this site until after my partner had passed away and I wish i had found it earlier...

My thoughts and prayers are with you


mr steve
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Please remember that as a caregiver you need to take care of yourself as well. The strength will come from inside. Come and talk anytime we are all in the same shape one way or another. My wife was dx in March 2008, we have a 18 and 13 year old boys. Prayers hope and humor will help us all.


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As Mr. Steve says prayers and humor are very important. Also, we find the strength to deal with the cards that are dealt to us some how. Don't try to be too strong, though. Strength and a positive outlook can be overrated at times. It's ok to cry. It's ok to ask for help, and it's ok to be scared. We have all been there. And it's ok to vent. Come here and do that when you need it. Take care of yourself. My prayers will join yours. Fay

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My reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Ed Lack, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer several years ago and he is still practicing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery! Consider that your husband may also be one of the exceptions.

Love and Courage!


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