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Hubby starting chemo tomorrow (and other good news)

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It was 3 mos ago today, on a Tuesday in fact, almost literally at this VERY moment, that we got my husband's dx of CC... it's been a crazy journey, learning that even though my husband was on his 3rd colonscopy in 7 yrs due to CC in the family, he was supposed to have been scoped every year after 40, learning that he has an unknown variant of the MSH2 gene mutation (i.e., HNPCC) as does his little sister...

He had surgery 2 months ago (now hard to believe) and we are finally starting chemo... and as our particular karma works, he is being an offered a job he has wanted since before his dx...in fact, the very day we were originally told he would be getting an offer letter is the day we found out about his dx.... the job kept falling thru and changing hands (it's a govt contract job) and after telling 2 different companies 3 times he couldn't take it because of his surgery/cancer/tx, he finally said he could...then we were told the job was on hold, then changed, then that someone else got it...

until TODAY... today/tomorrow, he will be sent an offer letter and we finished his background investigation paperwork and submitted it!

it's a job making more money than ever with a security clearance to boot -- a job that will get us our first house that we have worked for for 15 yrs and even moved 1,000 miles away from our home state to achieve!

our karma has worked very weird our entire relationship and this is another example! We feel so empowered to go into chemo tx and beat this thing's as* once and for all!

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..but it has a weird sense of humor. I think it is great that you guys have such a positive fighting attitude! It will carry you a long way. Good luck to you and your husband!

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