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Senate Health Care Bill Would Allow Insurers to Limit Coverage for Seriously Ill Patients.

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A loophole in the Senate health care bill would let insurers place annual dollar limits on medical care for people struggling with costly illnesses such as cancer, prompting a rebuke from patient advocates. The legislation that originally passed the Senate health committee last summer would have banned such limits, but a tweak to that provision weakened it in the bill now moving toward a Senate vote.

Officials of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network said they were taken by surprise...


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Hope you guys will spread the word in every way you can; we must "Take Back America." November is 4-1/2 months away; we must try to convince the voting public to remove the current administration. If we don't, not only will pay the price but our children and children's children will live in a country that ceases to be America.

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I thought we were taking back America in the last election. We got rid of the theiving Republicans that drove us to bankruptcy. The truth is the only way this or any civilized society, that on the whole is ignorant of their surroundings, can exist is under the ultimate form of government, BENEVOLENT DICTATORSHIP.

I would nominate GOD, but, from what I've heard he can be very un-benevolent at times. In fact he not only doesn't tangibally assist you in your daily plodding through life, He's often very detrimental. (I especially like His Katrinas, sunamis, church roofs caving in, Sunday school bus crashing into the ravine; The best for last is his Benevolence, when he did not destroy George Bush and all his cronies of the 2000 Republican government by ABORTION. These people went on to kill THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT PERSONS whom had NOTHING to do with 9/11.

Until we can clone a benevolent dictator for continuity, I'll take OSAMA OBAMA.

THE AMERICA YOU ENVISION is GONE!!!! The flame is not only flickering, it's going out. THE FUEL IS NO LONGER!!!

WOULD you believe I came on here because I have Esophageal cancer??

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