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Craig and DaVinci - It's All Going Down Now In a BIG WAY - A Sundance Exclusive !!!

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Good Mornin’ Semis;

Well, things are finally getting ready to “go down” now from the DaVinci robot surgery.
I’m working with the Media Manager at the hospital now. She has written up a story about the surgery for the hospital and I am working with her on this, proof reading it to make sure that the article is correct.

I was the 1st patient in North Texas to do the DaVinci robot surgery and UTSW was obviously the first hospital in North Texas to perform this procedure on my lung. And my cardio/thoracic surgeon was the first surgeon in North Texas to do that surgery. And by he and I doing this procedure, it helps my surgeon with the certification process, so that he can perform this on other lung surgery patients that would qualify – so it’s a huge honor for the both of us.

I see the surgeon later this week and there will be a “photo op” down there, where he and I will have a picture taken together – that’s pretty cool. After the story is approved, it will be posted out to the UTSW website, where you will be able to read about it. I’ll give you the link once the story is about to be posted. Anyway, this is very exciting and so totally unexpected, but I am so honored to be given this opportunity to be the test case for the hospital and to be able to help my fellow man going forward.

And, I’m going to be in the newspaper too! The Fort Worth Star Telegram is sending out a reporter this afternoon for an interview about the DaVinci surgery. This reporter likes to do stories on health about people who live in Tarrant County, which I do. I don’t know when this article would appear, but of course will keep you posted – maybe it will be on their website to view when it comes out, along with being in the paper. I’m going to buy a few copies for posterity. So, this is exciting too to be in print for the entire Dallas Fort Worth / Metroplex area.

And….it gets even better than that!

I’m going to be on TV too! Channel 11, which is our local CBS affiliate, will be contacting me very soon, perhaps this week, to setup a time for them to come to my house and do an interview on the DaVinci surgery, the Tornado we went through and all of that human interest stuff. Channel 11 is pretty big on Health Stories in the metroplex and they do a very good job of reporting! So, that’s pretty exciting stuff too! There is well over 1.5 million people living in our area that gets this broadcast, so that is pretty big exposure for the fight against Cancer and the benefits of the DaVinci robot surgery for lung procedures. This is unbelievable to me and I’m so proud to be a part of all of this media!

And then…UTSW will be doing an interview with me on the DaVinci surgery and this interview will be posted to YouTube! So Sundance is going “viral” on the Internet now! Again, a big honor to be selected for this and I am so glad to be able to help the hospital, who helped me, and to further promote the DaVinci benefits and also that the War on Cancer can be fought…and Won!

She mentioned to me that there may be posts to FaceBook and even Twiter, but have no confirmation on these at this time.

So, your Semi; is going to march forward and spread the word of the latest and greatest surgeries, battles won against Cancer, and who my loving family on the board is – I’m going to get our name out there if at all possible. Each time that I sit down to talk about my experience, I will carry a piece of each of you with me to remind what “our fight” is all about. When ONE of us wins – we ALL win!

So, that is what is happening for the rest of this year, folks…my “15-minutes” is already ticking! If I blink, I’ll miss it for sure :) I’m just going to try and enjoy it all and take it in. I’m reaching some big audiences, so my hope is that the people that see all of this will be able to get something from it – either information, or inspiration, or both. I’ve always tried to use my Cancer to be able to help others and I’m getting a very rare chance to be able to step out in the spotlight and draw attention to our plight – and for that I am truly honored.

Patteee, if you are reading this, I am “putting myself out there” as you like to tell me…I hope you will be pleased.

Well, Gang…that’s it for now, I guess. I’ll keep everyone posted on links and dates and such as I know them, so you can all participate in this with me. It’s all about sharing with each other. And now that I know all of you, I want you to share in this with me – because ME is US!

Take care, Semis; - Wish Me Luck :)

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wowsers Craig....you are going to be a star!

good luck with all of that sweetie


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How exciting this is all going to be! I been looking forward to see you in the media somehow! Now I'll be able to even see you on youtube soon! I can't wait. You make me so proud, with a beaming smile on my face here that you did this for all of us as well, I'm glad you're putting yourself out there! Maybe it will bring more recognition to this type of cancer as well, where they'll be more money for research for it, more technology!

You are a lifesaver for us Craig, I am so proud to call you my friend, you been through so much, and still think of others as well, you're amazing! I look forward to somehow see these articles, hopefully we'll be able to read them online somewhere ? and seeing your pics plastered in the papers! This is really all too exciting, I'm really happy for you!

I'll be waiting to hear more about this, I can't wait! this is so special, and it is happening to a very special person! I love you Lion! I'll read about you roaring with the robot!

Hugsss and Love!

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It is so good to see you recovering some of your energy and spunk! I can't wait to read and hear more about your experience with Da Vinci.

Be well... Rob; in Vancouver

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you will remember us litte guys when they make the movie :)

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We have a celebrity in the house. Good luck on all the interviews - and smile big :)


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that is awsome,


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Congrats!!!! Help spread the word!!!!

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Great news! Great to also see you are feeling better!

I couldn't think of anyone better to spread the word! Please keep us posted!

Take care!



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It is because of trailblazers like you that new technology has a chance. You are such a brave and wonderful person...an excellent representative for all the brave and wonderful people on these boards. Please post links ASAP!

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You make me so proud. You are now a voice for all of us. I know you will do a good job.

Life is funny sometimes

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"I Want My Craig TV"
Wow, the Big Time Buddy. That's great news all around. I'm looking forward to reading more about this.
The only time I was in the paper was being part of
"a group of unidentified youths..."

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We already knew you were a star! And when the movie is made - I say George Clooney for your part!

Keep spreading the word! Vicki

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Wow we know a movie star can I have your autograph lol... I will be sure to set my tv to tape it. I live in Ohio I will get it right?? Sonjia

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Well, they couldn't have asked for a better person to get the word out! You are such an amazing person, andhave been through soooo much. You truly are an inspiration to us all!


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Well, they couldn't have asked for a better person to get the word out! You are such an amazing person, andhave been through soooo much. You truly are an inspiration to us all!


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Craig, this is so wonderful to hear. I can't wait to read the articles. Please do keep us posted on these so we can ride the wave with you. My best to you.


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Can I get your autograph????? Seriously...... You did good man. REAL good!!! You are so awesome


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Oh my gosh Craig! You are a true inspiration for us all:). We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, you go for it!
Much love,

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Wow, Craig- this is really exciting! Please let us know when it's on Youtube for everyone to see! You'll be a celebrity!

Way to go-

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Congratulations Craig and thank you for putting a face on our stories. Your bravery is so inspiring. Enjoy your much deserved fame and know that we are all SO proud of you.

Phil, Thanks for a much needed dose of humor, we can always count on you!!!

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own Shining STAR! Way to go... Sure hope you are feeling better...*HUGS*

God Bless

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Hi Semis;

A couple of updates and some exciting news since the post opened:

I met with the Star-Telegram health reporter last night - we talked 2 hours and covered lots of things...I kept mentioning the board at several different spots in the interview and all the people on it and what it meant to me to able to know you and share our lives with each other...I told her we were called "The Semi;Colons" and what it took to me a member of this fine family, and that our board was sponsored by the American Cancer Society- well, she wrote all that down in her notes - it looks like the Semis will definitely be a part of this news article.

I told you I would get "US" out there. She is going to interview my wife by phone and the article will come out next week, is what she is telling me - I will send you the link to the story as soon as I get my hands around it.

And I just found out today that Channel 11 (Local News Station KTVT) wants to meet down at the surgeon's office tomorrow after my clinic visit with my thoracic surgeon - they want to interview the both of us down at the hospital.

I will know more tomorrow on when they plan to broadcast - it will shown on regular TV, so all of the Texas Semis; can watch it that way. What I don't know is if "streaming video" would be available through their website, or if there were a link to the video - but I'll definitely be asking about it and will let you know.

UTSW will be sending me back the corrected version of our interview and once I see all is ok there, I will give the confirmation back to the Media Mgr. and then that story will be released to the UTSW website - I'll provide the link there once the story is on their site.

After all of this has passed, UTSW will have me back down to the hospital, where we will do a video interview - and that's the interview that will post to YouTube...all of the semi;colons will be able to see that for sure.

Phil - great one, Phil - you always know how to keep me humble AND make me laugh - THANKS!
Nudgie - if a movie is made, WE are all in it!
Vicki - George Clooney is a good idea to play me - who doesn't like him, LOL.

I'll keep you all posted, but it's been a big week so far - and next week will be even bigger.

Your Semi;

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First of all just the fact of you agreeing to be the first in your area - and the first patient with this procedure to get your surgeon certified, was so great for those to come behind you.

And now the chance to spread the word about the procedure, and colon cancer. Wow. You'll be a great spokesperson, and put a face on this disease to make it real for others, which will help us all. A face makes more impact to remind others to get screened. A face makes more impact when trying to get donations for research. I'm so excited they chose you to do this!

Please keep us updated so we can read and watch.
(Did you play some Christmas music for them when they came to interview you?)

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Thank you so much for doing what you are - sharing your story. Sharing your story in such a public way will certainly help people, and without question, provide awareness about CRC - especially young people with CRC. This is so great!

I can hardly wait to see your articles and videos. Keep us posted...

Thanks for being our poster child!

BTW: I had a DaVinci hysterectomy. It was great! I was in and out of the hospital on the same day - no overnight stay. And with no large incision my recovery was much quicker. Although I do have six small scars all over my abdomen/torso. Kind of looks like I've been out hunting with Dick Cheney....lol....

Fight for my love
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This is so cool!I can't wait to see the video.

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Hi Craig,

I am so happy for you & that something exciting is happening (in addition to sucess in your procedure). You did all of us, your surgeon, and future patients a big service, first for having the procedure done & now by publicizing & promoting the procedure. Thankyou!

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Wow Craig, this is exciting news, I can honestly say I know someone famous now. You will go down in the history books as the first one to do this procedure, that is so cool. Patti

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Really awesome news Craig, all of it! Can't wait to read/watch! George Clooney eh?

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Paula G.
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How great Craig. This is wonderful. I love all the replies you have got. You go guy. Paula

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You're an outstanding spokesperson for us.....Steve

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Dude.. now if we can just get you on Oprh.

Great job Craig!!!


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Fabulous! I KNEW you were a star from the first moment I "met" you! Hope we get a chance to see the newspaper article and maybe even catch the tv appearance online. Let us know details!


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