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Meeting Betty and Layne in Las Vegas

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Tom and I have been to Las Vegas many times each year, but this trip was very special. We got to meet two wonderful people, Betty and Layne Johnson...They are fabulous..Layne put Tom and ease and Betty and I talked over our onion soup.It was so nice to put real people behind the names on the board...and she's as sweet in person...

Thanks for taking day out of your work day to meet up with us...both of us say thanks so much.


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Betty in Vegas
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It's odd, the blessings of cancer--to meet new people, new FRIENDS. Wow, you should see Orion's great artwork. She is SO TALENTED!


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So glad you guys got too meet and put a face with the names!

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Orion & Betty,
I think many of us wish we could have "get together" of sorts! I am envious (I know I shouldn't be---maybe that is a bad word). But you all know how there are few in our neighborhoods, friends or families that have ever experienced esophageal cancer. So that is why this site helps so many... You don't have to explain everything or deal with blank stares, we all know what we are going thru. Even though we are all at different stages, different roles, different Dr's, states, hospitals, etc

That being said--how cool is it for Betty/Layne & Orion/Tom to meet !!! I assume the guys would never arrange such a meeting! I also think that is one reason why God made male & female--because we deal with things differently (not better or worse).

I am so impressed you guys got together--!! I kind of think this site might need to write little guide book for new families and patients... I can't believe how much I (& others) have learned or felt supported here.

so glad you got together!!!

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