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Orlando get together

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Sonny, hows that party in Orlando coming along. Since I have been put back in one piece the doc says I can head south for the winter. I'll be down some time after the first of the year. I had to put every thing on hold while I was sick. Didn't want to spend the money if I could not head south. All is well now.

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Howdy Injured,
Guess you had not heard, but Sonny will probably eventually get to you with a response to your question. But, Sonny had to move on to Radiation therapy after his post-op PSA's started to climb, so the Orlando get together is not going to happen, or at least happen as it was scheduled. Sonny and his wife are both undergoing Rad. therapy at this time, and putting together a convention in Orlando was going to require more time and dedication that Sonny was able to put forth at this time.

Hope you are feeling better.

aka dopplerjockey

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Dear DJ,
Thanks for the info on sonny. Sorry to hear he is not doing well. I am doing so good after being put back in one piece it is almost scary. Hope your doing ok. My psa came back less than .01. Thats the only good news I've had since undergoing RP.

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I know your a happy man with that news.

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Glad to hear you are put back in one piece! I'm happy to hear that you are doing good again.

I'm good also, one of my Christmas request has been met, toss out the depends! The second Xmas wish is still to come, wake up with a "tent" :-)

Tom D Orlando
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