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Question regarding biopsy

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Hope I am not over-doing it here, but just wondering. Had my biospy today which was not pleasant but OK. ( Had PSA of 5.02) Tonight, I have some pretty hefty pain in the rectum area and some bright red blood when I attempted a BM. So far able to urinate and no blood. Is this normal. Anyone else?

The maybe good news.. is my doc tells me the ultra sound looked great ( just a slight enlargment of the gland) and he would guess no more than a 15% chance of my biospies coming back positive. Get my results next week.

Any comments or feedback appreciated.

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I had basically the same experience.

I heard almost the same story, thinking that it was just age, well, I am 6 days post da vinci today. There was one sample that was 'dirty'.

In a day or two (my experience) the ol backside operated normally, without pain and without blood.

Your mileage may vary.

best regards & god luck with the results.


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I had a PSA similar to yours .My first biopsy showed no cancer but my family doctor said with a biopsy over 5 cancer is almost certainly present.

I dont mean to alarm you but if you have any family history chances are your biopsy will show cancer.

My first PSA was 5.4 biopsy showed no cancer. Two years later PSA was near 7 biopsy showed cancer in 5 out of 6 samples.Just goes to show you a biopsy sometimes misses cancer. That doesnt mean its not there.

I dont mean to sound negative but finding the cancer is the first step towards eliminating it.

I wish you well and hopefully you will be the exception and have no cancer. Happy holidays and my prayers are your cancer free.


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I hear what you are saying.. I am feeling good about things.. but not that good.. as I lost my Dad at 74 to this lousy disease. So any optimism is tempered. I also think..no matter what, I will be a prime candidate for increased blood screening and biopsies. We will see what Santa brings me on the 23rd.

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I was warned about blood in the stools, and considering they punched at least 6, more likely 12, and maybe more, holes in you, blood is expected (mine was 12). I had that first day, and it continued for a couple of weeks.
The blood in urine didn't start until several days later. It was vivid, but was done and gone before the rectal side of things settled.

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I had only four 'shots' during my biopsy. I think the doc limited the number because he could see how I was jumping in pain. I almost blacked out. Still, I experienced scary bleeding a few days later, not during a BM, but while peeing.

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