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Easy turban from a T-shirt

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Don't know about you but money is tight. Just found how you can take a tshirt and make a turban. Use a large T-shirt, cut the body off just below the sleeves. Place the t-shirt (now looks like a tube) on your head with the bottom seam on your forhead. The part that is now draped over your head and down your back you twist to make a circle and pull that back up to the top of the head. Tuch in any ends and you have a turban. Hope that makes sense?

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Thank you Vicki! This is sweet of you to share this with us!


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Thanks for this info Vicki! How are you doing?


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I am doing good. Just seem to be tired all the time. Wedneday I go in for round two. So I should be feeling good by Christmas.

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Glad you are feeling good Vicki! Have a nice Christmas!


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I know what you mean about money being tight - so thanks for the turban idea.

There are some organizations that will send you free hats/scarves, etc. when you are going through chemo. I have received hats from www.heavenlyhats.org and www.hatsoff-to-chemo.org. You just go online, fill out a form and hats show up at your door in a couple of weeks. There is a scarf company franceluxe.com - they also send you a scarf for free - and they are not cheap scarves. I am expecting the one I picked out any time now.

I hope you can benefit from some of these organizations, too! Again, thanks for the tip.


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Adventures in C...
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You can also cut a few inches of sleeve off the t-shirt for headbands. They add some fashion to your turbans, hats or scarves, and help with coverage and "slippage".

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I saw that on youtube. I love that site, you can learn anything on there. I was watching how to apply false eyelashes yesterday.

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