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1st Chemo on Wednesday

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I start my regimen this Wednesday (Cytoxan and Taxotere) and hope to be fully recovered in time to enjoy Christmas.

I'm mostly glad to have a plan in place and be moving forward with the tools I need to win this fight, but I am starting to get a little nervous.

I start taking steroids tomorrow and will be drinking as much water as I can swallow for the next few days to prepare.

Also, I just started what may be my last period two days ago, and it's been a doozy - lots of cramping and lower back pain. I hope that I do at least get the benefit of permanent menopause out of this. I'm past my childbearing years anyway so it's just more of a pain than anything else.

Trying to focus on the positive - we had our big family Christmas party this past Saturday and one of my cousins gave me 3 beautiful hand-knit hats that will help to keep my head warm when my hair starts to fall out.

I also wanted to thank all of you sisters that have gone before and lighted the way for me. It helps so much to know that so many of you have survived this journey, even those who've had troubles along the way, with courage and grace. I hope to follow your example. It also helps so much to know that you will be there for me if I need you.

I know this message isn't very coherent, but I just wanted to get it out there.

I'll keep you posted!

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Jeanne D
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Your message is very coherent! You are beginning a new part of this trip thru breast cancer and you are afraid, confused, apprehensive, all sorts of feelings are rising to the top. It is more than just natural and normal to feel this, it is what we all go thru. I pray that your chemo will go easily for you and that you will have no side effects.

Always remember Cindy that you are never alone in this fight. You have all of us right there with you!

Love, Jeanne ♥

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I wanted to wish you good luck with your chemo Cindy. There are so many bc survivors on here that have had chemo and will help you with your questions. Hoping you feel great by the holiday!

Hugs, Leeza

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Thinking of you today Cindy! Good luck!

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It's perfectly normal to be apprehensive and scared....I had the same chemo cocktail, Taxotere and Cytoxan. I finished the end of August.....I was terrified going in for the first infusion, not really knowing what to expect even though I had taken a "chemo class" which is mandatory at the cancer center that I went to....I can honestly tell you that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.. NO day at the beach, for sure but not as bad as I expected. Here are some things that I was told to do that helped...

Eat something before you go, that will stick to your ribs....I ate a bagel with peanut butter..less chance of nausea with a full stomach, I was told. They also fed us lunch during each infusion, if yours doesn't, take something to snack on.....take water and or Gatorade.

Take your anti nausea pills as prescribed, even if you don't feel nauseated..Easier to prevent than getting it under control once it starts.......I started the steroids and anti nausea meds the day before each chemo and took them for 5 days following...I was never sick, not even the first wave of nausea! Everyone is different though, keep that in mind..DRINK DRINK DRINK during and afterwards.....I was told I could drink anything I wanted as long as it wasn't alcohol..that's a no no...

Have some extra strength Immodium on hand, just in case.....I needed it after the first infusion, but never again...

Taxotere causes bone pain in most people.....I had it in my legs....I was given prescription pain meds.....but you may be able to get away with just Advil.that didn't work for me....
Also if you will be receiving the Nuelasta injection the day after, that too can cause some pretty severe bone pain....I wasn't prepared for the pain it caused me, along with muscle spasms....the first one(Neulasta) kicked my butt big time! But the last three, went fine.

I lost my taste buds for about a week after each infusion...that drove me nuts! Nothing had any taste to it........everything tasted the same....I just kept experimenting with different things. It makes you not want to eat, but eat anyway to keep your strength up......I found that "grazing" was better than a meal..

The effects of chemo are cumlative....Try to rest as much as possible.....as time goes by your energy level goes down the tubes.....and, let anyone and everyone who offers help, help you......sometimes we woman have a hard time accepting help, but let them help!

Don't be afraid to ask for something to take for anxiety.......it really makes a difference....also the steroids may give you pretty bad heartburn...they did me! Have somethign on hand for that...Also the steriods can really screw up your sleep...so, again, rest when you can...

I wish you the best........and being scared is so very normal......I will say a prayer for you that God gives you strength to get through this.....Keep your eye on the finish line....
Peace be with you,

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If you have your pre as well as post chemo pills, be dure to take them, I had no nausea, although Ihad reactions the 2nd+ to the taxotere.
Be sure to get plenty of rest, you will need and want it!
Best wishes for speediness Peace

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Hi cindyflynn.....wish you the best on your first treatment. My experience with chemo was my side effects were usually gone near the end of the 2nd week, everyone is different, and hopefully you're feeling much better at for Christmas. This is a amazing place for support, it has been a huge help to me and it continues to be. Best wishes to you.

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Wishing you the best with your treatment Cindy. I hope you have 0 side effects!


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I started chemo in December, but last year. I wish you well during the treatments, ditto what the ladies ahead of me said about taking the nausea pills and "grazing". I tried so many different foods and found soup and jello were the best for me. Just keep thinking that "This too shall pass." I will keep you in my prayers on Wednesday.
Cyber Hugs - Pat

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Good luck on Wednesday Cindy. You will do fine!

Sue :)

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You will do fine. I started chemo in December of last year as well. I had my first one on December 19th and still went out to dinner with my husband for new year's eve. The first one is the scariest b/c you don't know what it will be like. I didn't feel a thing during the infusion process. Good luck, Cindy!


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Wishing you good luck Cindy!


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I ditto what everyone has said. Grazing-that's cute! :-) Don't forget to take something with you to do as it does take a while. Focusing on the positive is your best defense. I believe you'll do just fine. I must say though-I've never heard of anyone hoping for mental-pause before! Let us know how you're doing.

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Cindy, I haven't had chemo but looks like you have quite a few responses from those that have. Thanks for asking questions, I'm sure I'll have the same ones if I have to take chemo. Going to add this to my favorites. Just want to wish you the best, take care of yourself and let us know how you're doing.

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Christmas Girl
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I hope all goes well for you on Wednesday. Lots of good info already here, from those with experience. And, yes - I agree... In many ways, the first can be the worst because of the unknowns.

We will be here for you, each step of the way.

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Wishing you good luck with chemo! Drink lots and lots of water! I will be thinking of you and praying that all goes well.


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Good luck on Wednesday!

Hugs, Diane ♥

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Just wanted to let you know you will be fine... I go for #2 on wednesday so I will be right there with you... the steroids gave me energy I was hyper...I didn't get sick at all... I had heartburn but had a rx right after from the dr and it went away.. I am tired in the afternoon (a little nap helps) lost my hair by day 14 or so but overall doeable... the woman are here are AMAZING and helped me through sooo much so far ... its a sisterhood where everyone understands each other ...you will be fine ... good luck drink your water.. bring a friend ...and some magazines...the time was 5 hours for my 1st chemo..but it really didn't seem that long.... hugs....Lisa xoxoxox

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to everyone for their information and support!

I started my steroids this morning. I do feel a little energetic already, so hopefully that will actually be a good thing and I can get some stuff done by the time I have to go in tomorrow. The doctor did say I could take a Tylenol PM tonight to help me sleep if the steroids keep me too "up", so I'll probably just plan on doing that.

Hubby is coming with me tomorrow and we're bringing our portable DVD player. Haven't picked out a movie yet, but it might just be National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - haven't seen that since last year.

The only bummer right now is that they have me scheduled for my labs and doctor's appointment for 11:40 and 12:40, but the infusion isn't scheduled to start until 4:30! They told me that they're trying to find a way to squeeze me in earlier, but wanted to at least get a spot reserved for me. I really hope I don't have to just wait there that long. We'll have to bring a few movies if I do!

Thanks again everyone!!

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National lampoons is a great choice for a movie...lol..I am sure they will squeeze you in...best of luck to you....xoxox

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You will be fine, Most people sail through it, I did.. The worst part is the waiting. Hugz Jzz xxxxxx

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Good luck tomorrow with your chemo Cindy. National Lampoon would be a great movie to watch. I think my husband and I have watched it a million times and we still laugh at it.

♠♣ Christmas Susie ♠♣

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Cindy... just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts...I will hope that these treatments do what they are meant to do, with minimal se's as possible...



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Let us know how you do tomorrow Cindy if you feel like it.

Sue :)

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My prayers are with you as you take the next step in beating this beast.

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Cindy, just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you, too. Hoping for a non-eventful chemo session with minimal or no side effects. Take care.

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wishing you minimal side effects. You will soon learn the routine. and as you see here chemo effects everyone differntly but usually someone has an answer.

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How did your first chemo go Cindy? I hope that it was easy on you.

Thinking of you,


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