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Scans, tests, starting chemo and other prayer/ good thought needs for week of Dec. 14th. Add yours

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I know many, many have scans, tests, surgery, start chemo, etc. this week. It's hard to keep track!

If you'd like others to remember you this week, add your name with what you're having done so we can pray or send good wishes, good thoughts your way.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Diane: CEA on Tuesday. 1st one since chemo ended Aug. 12th.
Dx'd Jan. 7, 2009 Stage III colon cancer

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I'll be sending prayers your way.

As for me, my doc increased one of my meds (Polyethylene Glycol), but if it doesn't help I'll go in for a CT scan and cystoscopy). I've been having "issues" and some pain in my tailbone and hips, and a tough kind of stich in my right side in the kidney area. It's always something, isn't it?

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Tuesday with GP to discuss cranky breast and back and shoulder and front and .....

Thursday oncology....sixth month cea after last chemo after second liver reoccur

best wishes to all

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and prayers are with everyone during these times.i will be having all mine done in jan. due to my insurance.Godbless....johnnybegood

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Best Wishes and Good Thoughts to all of the Semi;Colons going through "anything" this week!

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I to have a busy week colonoscopy on Wednesday & surgery to reverse my ostomy on Friday.
Need prayers.

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RFA tomorrow. Film at 11

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My first after treatment Colonoscopy is next week, Yea I know, what was I thinking right before Christmas?. I sure will be hungry come Chistmas eve!!!!!

Fight for my love
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All of you are in my prayers.I have prayed a good outcome from all these tests for all of you.
Best luck to everyone.

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My husband has his first CT scan on Thursday the 17th, after a right hemi-colectomy that was performed on 11-24-09. He also has his first consults with the oncologists that same day. I imagine we will get an idea of his treatment plan for stage IIIB (T3N1MX)colon cancer that day.

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This one is kind of a big deal to me. I was staged IIIc after surgery.

Before dx I had a CT that showed something questionable on my liver (along with my "probable mild sigmoid colitis and reactive lymph nodes;" translation = stage III colon cancer, with 5 nodes positive - NOT colitis).

Because of that, I was a little worried, and the surgeon knew it. So during my resection, when he saw two little spots on my liver, he took biopsies - they were benign. But he couldn't see the backside of my liver (laproscopic surgery).

So my onc ordered a PET to check on the liver. My first PET lit up some spots on my liver and several upper lymph nodes that were enlarged. But this scan was just 2 weeks after surgery. I had an MRI to try and get more info on these, but we still aren't sure. We think the spot showing on the original CT is a hemangioma. And the other spots might be where the biopsies were done - just surgery trauma, being only two weeks out from surgery. But it is uncertain with the different little things spotted, what all is going on with my liver. My onc seemed not as concerned about it though after PET and MRI.

What he was more concerned about is the nodes. It sounds like they are in the same area where my colon would have to be pulled away and dropped down for the resection. So that could have been surgery trauma too. Or not. So he said we'd do four rounds of chemo and rescan.

So this scan will keep me stage III if the liver and nodes don't light up this time, or move me to being staged as IV if either one does. It scares me. But I need to know.

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I will be sharing the event of testing, but not this week..Dec 28. Nervous as can be. Effects our sleep and our daydreams, i know it does mine. I had my last PET scan Sept 28 after 3 months on Folfiri and Erbitux, and my scan was NED...But i continued on with my same chemo and now will have PET to re evaluate and see if i can come off the Irrotecan. So now i am really nervous...And why it that? Why does every ache and discomfort lead us to bad news...or so we think...Before cancer and chemo..did we worry? Not me...And i am not even off chemo and i worry. So lets hope you all get great news and stop worrying ...and enjoy the day....(i just previewed my note and realize i must worry alot!!!!)
Hope everyone has a great Christmas and and great news. Mary

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mary was a great post...you made me smile....yes we do worry a lot. I wish you well on the 28th Mary and a Merry merry Christmas to you. mags

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Port Removal on Wednesday for me.

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My husband will have his 2nd or 3rd opinion on Friday at Vanderbilt. Excited and nervous about what will be said. Also very hopeful.

Good luck to everyone for a wonderful outcome!


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Nana b
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CEA level will be checked on the 17th!!

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Hi to all of you who have just posted about tests, scans, etc. that you have coming up soon- I'm praying for you all. I don't have any tests coming up for a while now, but I am getting used to taking interferon injections. I had my first one last night and I've never experienced such fever and chills as I did last night (for about an hour- then I felt weak and had a headache until about midday today). I have to do this 3x a week and am trying to still get my Christmas shopping finished this week. I'm told these flulike side effects begin to fade away after about 3 weeks.


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Just hang in there! I'm glad to see someone is really stepping out and trying something new. Hope the fever, chills, etc become less and less. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

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Thanks Diane for this post. It was good to read through everything that everyone is going through this week and think and pray for each person.
You are an amazing group of people. Truly each one of you!


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Great post Diane. I like being able to know who and what to pray for.

I don't usually ask for prayers for myself, feels weird but since you made the post I will. I have some bloodwork this week, surgery in January and I'm feeling very very run down.

By the way, I LOVE your photo!

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Hoping and praying that everything goes well with everyone in their upcoming tests of any kind. This is a scary time coming up so hopefully you will all get great results.


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Hubby dx 3 mos ago today -- 2 mos since surgery (total colectomy with IRA -- no colon/no bag) -- 6 mos of FOLFOX begins tomorrow (for the 3rd time -- didn't get it done first 2 times he was scheduled to start) :P

he also may be starting a new job this week or next (we DEFINITELY need good thoughts sent our way for that one)

thanks all!

jen :)

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Husband's chemo started yesterday.

stage 2a
dx 10/19
resection 11/9
folfox started 12/14

Best wishes and prayers to all this week!

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I love this thread...makes praying for everyone so easy and specific. Thanks for starting it Diane.

I try to read through it each night and pray for you specifically.

I have 3 mos labs on Thursday, followed by my first ct where i have to drink the nice stuff. I have only had ct's w/ contrast and pets before. I have a little scanxiety as I have been really tired lately.

I should know my results on the 22 at my onc's apt. Hopefully, it will mean a nice Christmas. Why do we do this stuff in December.......I know, cuz we have all met our deductibles, right?

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You've got it! We hit our family max and everything in 2009 is "free."

My husband's work changed our insurance choices for next year and we are losing the insurance policy we've had for many years - the replacement policy with another company is not as good. So rather than get hit with PET/CT right away start of the year, I made sure we got it done in 2009. And I bet I'm not the only one.

Plus I think it is nice to start the new year knowing where you stand.

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it's working....the prayers and wishes are working! on Tues my gp said I was definitely suffering from post herpetic neuralgia..in other words pain and neurlagia left over from the herpes/chickenpox virus.

I just came in the door from a walk and there was a message from my onc.....she has NEVER phoned me at home....my gp spoke to her at the hospital and the onc reported cea of 2.5
I did not dream it could be this low because of all the pain and illness I have been feeling.
Ok now I am picking up all the positive energy and thoughts and sending them out for December results...to quote Kathy...positively good!!! absolutely good

with love and thanks, mags

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Glad to hear your good news, Mags!

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Awesome news - may it continue for all on the board! Congrats!

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I had labwork drawn Monday. CT of chest and abd is tomorrow 12/17. I have to drink the contrast on an empty stomach at 7am. Then get the results from Onc next week. This is 3rd CT since chemo finished in May. So far everything has been ok. Feeling tired but have also started back to work. Thanks to everyone for prayers and good thoughts.

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