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Would like to speak to someone who's used Alternative Therapy

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I'm the same kid who was on here a few months ago afraid that he had colon cancer. Well, it turns out my 80 year old grandma now has it. Huh, go figure - everything happens for a reason, right? At least I'm knowledgeable about it now.

Anyway, I know there are a few people on here who have done alternative therapies. I was wondering: how did you go about doing it? Did you do it with your chemotherapy? Did you do chemo at all? I shudder at the idea of my grandma, who is 80, going through something as heavy as chemo.

Also, she lives in Taiwan if that's helpful information.

Thank you.

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My doctor came from Taiwan, he is a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I'm sure if your mother desires to, she can locate a practitioner
there. They practice both western medicine, and TCM, in the
same hospitals in China (mainland), and I believe in Taiwan also.

I'm 3c CC. I didn't heal enough for Chemo until 6 months after
surgery, and was told that it was probably too late, since they said
it had a 50/50 chance of working to begin with, and a lot less if it's
too long after surgery.

I took imported Chinese pharmaceutical strength herbs instead at
about 6 months of herbs per year. My surgery was over three years
ago (I just started on the herbs again; I should get another scan soon).

I could die tomorrow, or 50 years from now... There's no guarantee
anything out there works.

Have your mom ask her doctor, or friends....

Good luck; good health!

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I tried the Johanna Budwig thing for awhile during chemo. Cant say for sure if it hurt of helped. I dont think it hurt.

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It sounds like alternative stuff should be used in conjunction w/ chemo unless in dire situations?

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"It sounds like alternative stuff should be used in conjunction
w/chemo unless in dire situations?"

Depending on the "alternative stuff", I think it should be the other way around.

There most be a few million or more "remedies" for cancer, arthritis,
and any other otherwise "incurable" diseases, none of what does much,
except bring money to the vendor. And that goes for the "alternatives"
as well as the customary "FDA" approved garbage.

Among all the worthless remedies, are a few that can be very well
worth the time and effort, but sorting 'em out, is the trick.

We cancer victims are a very frightened bunch, we don't want to die,
and fear making a mistake, so most of us leave the decisions up to someone
else.... like their favorite physician, and who he recommends.

A physician of western medicine is only trained to use the products
available for the symptoms he recognizes....... Unfortunately, the
"cure" then, is only as good as the manufactured product.

We are entrusting our health to the manufacturers of the products.

(I really think that the concept demands more serious consideration.)

There are other very viable options to chemical therapy and radiation
to kill cancer cells. They are non-invasive, carry less (or no) side effects,
and actually work.

No manufacturer will guarantee "chemo" or radiation will cure anything,
or even kill the cancer we have, but suffering from the side effects trying
to find out, remains to be a very major problem.

I feared making a mistake by choosing my own path. But if I did make
a mistake, it would be my own mistake, not some manufacturer that I nor
my family will ever meet to get an apology.

Most of us have ingested things they told us could kill us, we've
smoked, drank, and lived life as we wished.... We've taken
medications that were later recalled for causing more harm than
good.... and then.... Somehow, cancer made us aware of our
mortality, and that gave us fear.

So much fear, that it's caused some of us to turn to the very
manufacturers that were the reason for a recall, with some sort
of renewed trust in their products.....

Silly, isn't it? Our lack of self-confidence and fear causing us to
go a path chosen by those we don't know, and likely never will know.

We all fear cancer; It's scary stuff. But we shouldn't let our fear
direct our lives.

That's my two centavos, anyway.

Best wishes for best health!

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Thank you for your long response. It definitely got me thinking. Why DO we entrust our health to the very institution that's responsible for the same medicine that needs to be "recalled"? I guess most of us have never thought about it.

Can you recommend any therapies my family should look into?

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If your grandmother is living in Taiwan, she should at least ask about TCM,
since it is considered as worthy as the western medicine it is practiced
aside with. It is often used as adjunctive therapy to Chemo, but it
depends on the staging of the cancer, and the health of the patient.

I wish your family well, and good health!

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I think that Western medicine has put a lot of restrictions on what can be given to patients. Being a medical student here, I personally am skeptical about any drugs that we dont' know the precise mechanism of action, or has not been clinical-trial-tested. However, when we are talking about cancer, I believe that anything deserves a shot. TCM has been used in Asia to treat cancer for many years, and from what I hear the results are good considering we don't really understand how the active ingredient in the herbs work. The advantage they have in Asia is experience; from the 10's of 1000's of patients they have seen each year, they modify and optimize their formula to achieve the best result. I have just come across something called active hexose correlated compound that's the No.1 alternative cancer treatment in Japan with extensive studies to back it up (search PubMed). I think it's a mushroom extract or something. Maybe something worthwhile to look into.

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