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Advice for Kegel's with catheter in ?

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I was speaking with a work friend who is about 1.5 months ahead of me, and he has instructions to NOT do kegels with the cath in, my discharge instructions indicated to start them with the cath in..............

Is there a consensous with this issue ?

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My surgeon said I could but I would probably find them "uncomfortable" and I could take a week off from them.


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My surgeon said "DON'T." You've got a bunch of healing incisions there, and don't want to stress them.

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Holding in a bowel movement is the same as kegels. I also was told do kegels before surgery and after catheter is out. Not while catheter is in.


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My nurses at the hospital all agreed - not with the catheter in (listen to them, they have time for you). The Dr. only said wait. Pity I didn't get started with them before surgery, the day my biopsy came back, if I had known. I am not one of the "dry" folks out there, 7 weeks after DaVinci. But the difference of the time you have the cath in (7-14 days?) won't make a difference, as I see it.
I've had several weeks of some pain during the exercises as the debris from the sutures broke loose.

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