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Anyone Know anything or know of someone with this type of Cancer?

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Hello all. I'm not new to cancer but I'm new to this board. Don't know if I should be in the bladder cancer or kidney cancer group but all help or direction would be greatly appreciated. My husband has been a six year survivor of stage III colon cancer and just received his officially cured credintials September 2009. About three weeks ago, without any warning whatsoever, he experienced visible blood in his urine. We didn't waste any time and after seeing his internist, went straight to a urologist and while there was no more visible signs of blood, under the microscope, there still was. Given his colon cancer history, a ct scan was order which showed no tumors but a shrinkage of the right ureter. By the way, his scans in September for the all clear of colon cancer showed ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. He then went for a ureoscope (?) and they found what they believe are two tiny tumors in his right ureter...one near the bladder, the other near the kidney. Make a long story short and while we don't have the pathology report yet, they are moving quickly and he is scheduled for surgery December 31, 2009 to have his kidney and right ureter removed (no mention yet about the bladder as apparently it is all clear. I find so little information on this subject as I know this is a very uncommon form of cancer; highly cureable if in the early stages, not so great if not. All indicators thus far show that it is contained within the ureter but how can something like this not show up two months ago and now it's there. Please to anyone, advice, encourage, information, whatever would be so greatly appreciated. I've listed on both Kidney and Bladder Cancer Boards but no one has answered me. Thank you.

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Hi, I am not sure where you have already looked for information, but I would suggest the Mayo Clinic, the National Cancer Institute, or the American Cancer Society. I wish you and your husband well.

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