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My Wife Sang Today

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Joined: Oct 2009

Today my wife sang "Oh Holy Night" before our congregation at church. She (had) stage iv colon cancer; having had surgery (complete hysterectomy) 5 months ago and on round 6 of 8 chemo. Way to go babe and God Bless you tough colon cancer people. You guys are special and a true inspiration of life.

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WOW- there is no way I could have done that, mostly cause I don't sing :)
But what an inspiration. Tell her we love her and way to go!

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Joined: Feb 2009

hearing this. And I love "Oh Holy Night".
The subject you posted (my wife sang today) is inspiring, as well.

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Joined: Feb 2009

One of my favorite Christmas songs. God is truly working through her. Your wife is an inspiration and encouragement.


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to do that while undergoing chemo////Great....Steve

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What an uplifting story. And O Holy Night is my favorite song.

Merry Christmas! Vicki

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Joined: Aug 2008

Sounds like she is out living life despite or to spite her cancer. I am glad she is doing well.

Just wanted to share that I too am Stage4 with mets to the ovaries diagnosed in October 2007. There are not many of us out there with mets to the ovaries. I had a hard time finding anyone except a pateint my oncologist told me about who is now 10 YEARS out. I think it is a comfort to know of others in the same situation. I have reached out to a few since my diagnosis. I just reached my 2 year mark and am still NED. Be encouraged.
Blessings to you and your wife!


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I love that song! especially the high note that gives me chills everytime I hear it, I am so glad and inspired that she is out there doing her own thing still, and doesn't let the cancer rule her life. I too will be on stage this weekend, for the first time since my diagnosis as a blubber elf in a redneck play LOL...this will be interesting! Kudoos to your wife, give her a big hug from us!


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I love the song, Oh Holy Night...it always gives me the chills. It sounds like your wife is very blessed and certainly filled with the loving gifts of the Spirit. So wonderful how it has obviously helped her through, so much so she could give back to others by sharing her voice. Truly inspirational...

Sending you and your wife many blessings for a wonderful and peaceful holiday season and may the new year bring your lovely wife good health.

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Great holiday story - she's got alot of inner strength - truly impressive.

I love the pic of your Golden Retriever!! Lost mine 16-months ago @ 13yrs due to illness, yours "goldie" looks precious - but they all are!


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when I hear that song! It's one of my favorite songs to hear at Christmas time. I even find myself getting a little choked up just envisioning your wife singing it, especially with all she's been through/going through. I hope you got it on video!
Have a blessed Christmas season!!


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That is beautiful! I used to sing that to my 20 year old son when he was a baby until he was five or six. I sounded horrible but he loved it and always calmed him down.

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How wonderful it must have been to hear your lovely wife singing. What a Christmas gift for everyone!


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That's wonderful. I'm sure it was a special moment for the two of y'all and for the rest of the congregation.


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