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Please Help Me.!

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My name is Brittaney and i am 16.! My mom was just diagnosed with uterine cancer and im terrified.! Her first chemo is on the 4th of January and I dont know what to expect.! My mom is all that i have.! My dad died of pancreatic cancer 11 years ago and he was miserable yet he fought so hard for his life so he could raise me.! It kills me to know that soon my mom; the woman who raised me; the woman who has stood beside me throughout everything will be in pain and there is nothing that I can do to stop it.! She has to live.! I NEED her to live.!

Please help me.! What do i do.!? How do i help her.!?

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Honey, there are so many factors to consider when talking about uterine cancer. And the good news.....there are way more survivors then you can imagine. I'm really new to this board compared to many women who will soon be responding to your cry for help. Hang in there - and to better help the women that will soon be responding to your request, try and gather some info about your mom's uterine cancer.....do you know the kind she has and what stage/grade? Hang in there sweety.

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Shes in STAGE II...She hasnt gone into details quite yet.! She wont talk about it.! She just pretends everythings okay like cancer is a minor scathe that will just go away.!

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And I couldn`t talk to my kids about that too and my mom has no idea what is going on with me. What you should do is bring your mom here. I bet she has lots of question without answer and she is terrified too.
No matter what happen it will not happen tomorrow and like my gyno doctor said uterine cancer is the best if you have to have one.

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See if she'll talk about her pathology report with you, or send her here to us to help understand what her pathology report says. Some types of uterine cancer are worse than others, and 90% of all uterine cancers are the 'good kind' that are almost always curable at Stage II as long as she had good debulking surgery where they got everything visible. So you don't want to worry for no reason. When she's ready to talk about the details of her diagnosis, we are here to help. ((((((hugs)))))))

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Brittaney, your mother is so lucky to have you and you can be there for her all along the way. I would give my eye teethy (LOL) to have a stage two, but I have a stage 3C, grade two uterine cancer and start very aggressive treatment after the first of the year. I just had my surgery four weeks ago so need to finish a bit of healing first. The statistics for a stage 2 (although that doesn't tell us was letter is attached to that or what the grade it is) also means that her rate of being put into remission is very high. Don't worry, she will be around for a long time. She is trying to protect you which I can certainly understand. What she needs from you as well as everyone around her is to feel loved and cared for. That is what is the most important. Having cancer is scary, very scary as you don't know what life holds for you, but the will to live is very strong if one feels loved and wanted. So, show her that and you will have done your job. I am lucky too. My daughter is 27 and she has shown how much she loves me. And people have rallied around me which gives me the will to live. So I have consented to undergo the very aggressive treatments outlined for me. If I didn't know how much I was loved I think I might not have had the courage to go through this. There will be hurdles, but there is an end to treatment and then things will be better and hair grows back. At least it better...mine is down to my rear and has taken five years to do so and it means more to me than it just being hair. If that is a picture of you and your mother then you are both so pretty and full of life. Hang in there. It will be difficult, but you will do it and come out on the other side stronger and more compassionate for all human and animal life.

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Sending hugs your way...I am sure this is a mega scary time for you!

Let your Mom know you are there to support her and do want to talk about what is going on with her treatments. It will help you stay connected and also let you know how her treatments are progressing.

There is lots of support on this board, perhaps share the link with her so you can both get some support!

Hang in!


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I agree with the ladies who have already responded. There is so much informaiton and support for you and your mother here. There is also a discussion board for family members that you might want to checkout.

We are here and our prayers and love go to you and your mother. Mary Ann

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Brittany.....you have come to the right place to get answers to your questions. I think once you go with your Mom to her first chemo you will learn a great deal of helpful information. Many chemo units have a social worker available that can also help you and maybe hook you up with support groups for teen-agers. I can tell you love your Mom a great deal and will keep searching for the answers.....keep it up....you are doing the right thing! I suspect your Mom is trying to protect you so she may be minimizing things.

The ladies on this board are a wonderful source of information and support so please stay in touch...and hopefully your Mom will try us too!


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well this is the best place to start, to talk to people who have this type of cancer, I am stage 4b grade 3 , and still kicking ! I aint going with out a big fight.
go with her to chemo if you can, the nurses are wonderful there and can talk to you too, also there are usually people there that can discuss with you what your mum is going through.
dont be upset. you can help her by being there when she needs you! and you can help around the house, cook clean what ever is needed.
wish I had a daughter as concerned as you are
hugs !

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Thank you to everyone.! I feel so much better knowing there are people who i can confide in.! My mom has another appointment on thursday and ill make sure i get all the info i need.!
It's scary.! Something i never imagined when looking to the future but i guess life is unpredictable.! Everything happens for a reason.! I keep telling myself that.! Trying to be optimistic.! Maybe she didnt get cancer to make her weak but to make her stronger.!

I wish the best luck and prayers to you all.! Kick Cancers Butt.!!!
Again Thank you so much.!

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Brittaney, I have stage 1B Uterine cancer (UPSC) I am a single mom of 3 girls, at the time I as diagnosed 6 months ago my twins were 17 and youngest was 13. I biggest concern was doing all I could to beat the cancer so I could be here for my girls. You will provide your mom with so much strength without even realizig you are doing so. My girls have been so much help to me as I know you will to your mom.
She will get through this and become stronger and so will you!

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Try to be with her and help as she needs it. She will need to rest more. chemo reactions can be different for everyone. I had a girlfriend who took it and did fabulous; no reactions like drinking a glass of water. I had a hard time with taxol and so it was harder for me and needed people to cook meals, run errands for me, help me find time to rest.

Just being there and asking if you can do anything will help. The first week after chemo you ususally feel the worst and then you feel better for a couple of weeks. It is cumulative so each treatment gets a little harder. My daughter flew in for the last one because I had a hard time.

I loved it when people did the cooking, reminded me to drink fluids. I just liked having my daughters there wrapping their love around me. You are already doing this. She will get through this. I also liked it when they lived their own lives too. I didn't want my illness to stop their lives. sometimes you may need help too. Finding someone else to help you and your Mom will help too. This is the time in your life to accept help.

If you need to cry, are worried, come here for help. We will do our best. Have your Mom keep a list of questions to ask your Doctor. Bring that to your appointment.

I use to love to watch netflicks in the evening. I couldn't tolerate anything violent on TV. (Not that I can anyway). We watched nature documentaries, history documentaries. Comedy routines are fun too. When you are sick with this fight it helps to laugh hard once and a while.

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I am so sorry you are having to go through this. I have two daughter myself. I know how hard my diagnosis has been for them. It is very scary to hear the word cancer. And the unknown is also scary.

Your Mom is lucky to have such a caring daughter. Taking one day at a time is important. Getting information and facts to know what the plan is. Everyone reacts differently to chemo. So just being there for your Mom is important.

Taking care of yourself is important, too. You and your Mom will remain in my prayers. In peace and caring.

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First let me tell you that my prayers are with you. Not only was I diagnosed with cancer but my Mom had breast cancer. I say had because she has been in remission for 7 years. Being a caretaker and now cancer patient I have to say you also need as much support as possible. Please don't hestitate to call your local Cancer Society or a social worker at the hospital. They have all kinds of support groups and programs for both you and your mother.

God bless you and your mom.

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This is interesting.....I happen to be seeing a male GYN oncologist. However, in that practice, there are 2 female GYN Oncologists and 2 male GYN oncologists. I also got a second opinion with a female GYN Oncologist and I know there is one other female in the area....so maybe we are getting there!!


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