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Not sure where to go now.

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I came on back in July. My husband has liver cancer. We statted treatments, he had three different ones. As of last week they have not worked. The cancer has spread to the right side of the liver. Now it has the whole liver. He has been given 6 months to 1 year.
Is there anyone out there that can help with diet, or anything else we can do to help him live longer. What fresh veges are best. I'm not ready to lose my best friend, husband, buddie of 30 years.
Any help would be greatly apperciated.

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I dont know what help i can give to you in regards to helping you

But i have been threw the same thing you are going threw with my wife back in 01

I am willing to talk with you and help you in anyway that i know

It is a very agresive cancer and once it takes hold it is very hard to stop

I know that isnt much help but i wish you would contack me at Ezekea@yahoo.com

From there i can give help in ways of talking when ya need and answering anything that comes up to help with the care of your husband, friend

I have found that applesauce will be a key to help with the meds when he wont want to take the pills anymore i hid them in the applesauce

ensure when he dont want to eat I mixed it with her fav. ice cream in a blender to make a shake she liked that

I will be looking for you in csn and try the chat room alot of help there to when ya need a break

Hugs and all my suport


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I was diagnosed with bile duct cancer in the liver in July, 2009. I was told by my primary doctor who found the cancer that I had 6 months to live. (I'm going to try to prove him wrong) I bought the book ANTICANCER, A NEW WAY OF LIFE BY Davod Servam-Schreiber, M.D., PhD.
I highly recommend the book. It talks about diet which I have tried to follow. By eating only fruits and vegetables, I lost too much weight so I have had to add some meat and bread to my diet. I still watch the sugar content in what I buy. I have just started taking Emerald Balance. The book talks about him getting cancer and how he has dealt with it. As for myself, I have gone through Chemo and radiation. The CT scan showed that the cancer is the same as before the treatments, so now my oncologist wants to do more chemo. I would like to find a doctor who specializes in bile duct cancer but am having a hard time getting a name. I know they do this at Cancer Centers of America but I would like to find one in California.

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Please contact me. bjpaten@bellsouth.net I was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer and have been given no hope. I refuse to accept it and I am going to survive! You have to change the diet immed. No sugar or glutens no matter what! Cancer feeds on glucose. There are some things you need to look into. Standard treatment and alt treatments that can help. Do not give up!


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I am not going to give up hope even though I was given 6 months in July, '09 when I was diagnosed with bile duct cancer by one doctor and another gave me 6 to 12 months. One would not stage it nor give me a time period for he said everyone is different but with my cancer there is no remission nor cure. I have tried to cut out sugar but it seems to be in everything. I was drinking Ensure because I was losing so much weight, but it has lots of sugar. I have started taking Emerald Balance every morning. I am hoping this will help.
My oncologist wants me to start more chemo in January, but I am hoping to find another one that is more knowledgable with bile duct cancer. We can not give up hope. I give the reason I am feeling so good is due to prayers. God is good and I have faith in Him.

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