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Doin' the Dance!!!

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My CT scan looked good!!!
They are still following the 2 para aortic lymph nodes that were biopsied, but they are smaller again this CT than the one in September. My doctor said that cancer grows without treatment and these nodes are shrinking.
I asked about the pap smear and he said that he quit doing them as a measure for reoccurance. He said the most recent studies show that they are just not helpful in determining reoccurance. Also that the biggest risk of reoccurance is distant sites such as lymph nodes in the upper abdomen, pancreas, liver, lungs, etc. According to him, the most recent research data show about 2% of the time they will catch reoccurance in the vagina with a pap smear. Skewed by "are they swabbing a lesion found on physical exam?" He offered to do a pap smear if it would make me feel more secure. He also said that frequently when you have had radiation, a pap smear will show atypical cells that will require follow up and unnecessary testing. When you do unnecessary testing then you expose patients to overuse of xray and contrast, more anxiety for no reason.... I didn't have him do one. He believes that better monitor is physical exam, reporting vaginal bleeding and CT scans. So, my next scan will be in 4 months rather than 3, for the next year. Physical exams every 3 months, then we will reevaluate. Highest rate of reoccurance is in the first 3 years. I am 15 months out...

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I was very worried about you and am thrilled that things have turned out well for you. Sounds as though your doctor has a good plan in place for monitoring you and seeing that all goes well for you in the future. I too had read that a good look is more telling than the pap in judging recurrence so that is a reliable approach for him/her to take.

Hope Linda is doing alright with her port. Haven't heard anything yet.



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I wish I could be right there to give you a great big hug. I'm sooooooooooo happy for you!!!!

My PAP came back abnormal last time, changing cells, oncol said it was due to having radiation and normal for us...



Hugs, Marge

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Oh, Deanna, I'm so happy for you!! This is just wonderful news, the BEST!! Now you can REALLY enjoy your Christmas, and I know that you will. I love you, girl! (((((Happy hugs!))))))

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Deanna....GREAT news.....Now you can really enjoy the Holidays....Dance, Be Happy, Celebrate! Karen

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Thanks everyone... don't know what I would do without your support!

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I am soooo happy for you! Have a great holiday season!

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I too am happy for you. But I have a question. The info that your doc gave you about recurrence has me confused. I thought the vaginal cuff was the most common recurrence? Haven't we tossed that around here? Now it's distant mets??? I am not a happy camper....

Mary Ann

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Seems he always leaves me a bit confused about something! He was giving me facts based on what he called the "lastest studies." He has always told me to go to the internet as the last resource as you generally find information that is dated. I know after I have done research on the internet I walk away feeling very discouraged. The information you find is quite grim :(
I guess I am at the point of believing him and trying to living a full life with a more positive outlook. What will be, will be, but today I choose to believe I am cured!!

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You are right. We are cured for now, this is why I made my family to buy an acreage 10 months after I was diagnosed, this is why I am working out and running like crazy, because I want to go to Peru and climb up on Machu Picchu. I am planning my green house, collecting info about eatable weeds, about urine therapy, natural things to make me younger.
More and more I don`t care about cancer, especially uterine cancer. I do my detox, not abusing body more than necessary, avoiding doctors....
So far so good. For newbies here hard to imagine. Last year I was thinking about it 24/7. Don`t worry, it will be easier. Time will heal.

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During my inital appointment with my Oonc/Radiologists he explained UPSC tends to reoccur in 2 places, Vaginal cuff and everywhere else. He stated the chemo takes care of everywhere else and the Vaginal Cuff Radiation would take care of the obvious. My GYN/ONC encouraged his extreme and aggressive treatment plann of chemo/radiation, explaining that I only have 1 shot for a cure, if it reoccurs he would be unable to cure. I was stage 1B grade 2 or 3 (unsure now of grade, but will find out at my 3 month re check in Jan) I am still so freaked out if they got it all in surgery and I have done all I can to prevent recurrence. I finished chemo end of Aug and Radiation end of Oct 2009. My CA125 was 35 at its highest point right after surgery and was at 11 at 1st recheck after treatment completed.

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Dance away Deanna. That is wonderful news. Celebrate for the next three months. My doctor told me the same about pap tests....that due to radiation they would show abnormal cells. Have a Merry Christmas. In peace and caring.

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