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OH MY GOODNESS! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The kids and were leaving and they love to check the mailbox. But today was different, you have never seen two 4 year olds, acting like crazy fools, jumping out of their car seats dancing to music. They have been asking for Christmas music all week and I keep telling them I don't have any and we search the stations for tunes. Well! today, I got to pop the CD in the player and we went to town, dancing and singing, happy as can be. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift you have given all of us. Your card made me cry. So sweet!

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Posts: 207
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When we stopped at the mailbox we were on our to pick my husband up from work, when he got in the car he was in pretty bad mood. Half way home, his mood starting changing, we are almost home, he has turned the music very loud and in a GREAT mood.

The spirit in which your gift was given can be felt everywhere.

Much love,
Christine and family

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Now, this is the SPIRIT with which I gave this gift to everyone - I wanted to change moods
and bring joy and good feelings to everyone and their family's hearts. You sure warmed me up
with your message.

Your kids are just the sweetest things and I am super glad that this gift worked on your
husband's mood - this gift just has that kind of magic power - it looks like it has special
to the whole group and I can't tell you how much it means to me to hear all of your stories
and how this is being incorporated into your holiday traditions!



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You're a beautiful soul...thinking of how you made everyone here and at their homes smile and feel like rejoicing...that makes me smile. Endless blessings to you, Craig.

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