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Hi, everyone, or at least those who read my post and my lovely trips for my 8 bazillion mammograms and ultrasounds. I didn't even know the cysts existed until I was mashed and smashed and pinched and twisted this way and that.lol I know they are there NOW. Geez!! Biopsies show just liquid cysts. Yeah, Mr Murphy, just had to show me he still is in my life. Like I need one more thing on my shoulders.

I have been decorating for Christmas with everything I have and my boys and husband have helped in case I did my spinal surgery before Christmas. But I hurt so flippin, stinkin, bad that I can hardly move. We started right after Thanksgiving. You see, my dad taught me to believe that Christmas is truly about giving and Miracles. My dad worked many jobs his fulltime job,oilfield manager, then mechanic on weekends and bartender for special occasions and nights. He felt people not just kids, should get something they want for Christmas. Never underwear and sock even if they needed underwear, you give them something they wanted and somehow those underwear and socks would come too. For 43 years it has come, my dad died in 1995 but his spirit travels thru me and into my boys and husband. You cannot believe how much they remember the smile it put on his face when he came home from shopping with my mom. He went shopping only a few times a year and Christmas was one he enjoyed. He couldn't wait for the faces to light up. Everyone needs to remember that even a book to read can put a great smile on someones face. Last year we had about 120.00 to spend on the five of us for Christmas. We had to move on Dec. 21 we had a crazy landlord from hell that showed up at our house at all times of the day and night without calling and you would walk outside with a cup of coffee and the landlord would be on our porch. Freaky. Anyway, we moved in completely on Christmas eve last year and we didn't even have a tree until one of our friends said run down to the church they have really marked down trees, my boys drove down and came back with this gorgeous 12ft tree Beautiful!!!! The church didn't want to sell the trees anymore and was just giving them away. My kids 20,17 and 15 put there sleeping bags around the Christmas tree. Thru some lights and candy canes on the tree, and put their ornaments they had collect thru the years it was Awesome. My husband and I ran to Rite Aid and spent the entire 120.00 dollars on gloves hats Cds usbs for computer odds and ends stocking stuffers, I think that was the best Christmas we have ever had. It was also the least money we have ever spent it was BEAUTIFUL. Happy Holidays to all.
Goofyladie (Cass)

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I hope your christmas this year is as good as last years,happy hollidays.Good luck with mr. murphy.

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Your story just made me smile so big! Thanks for sharing.


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Your story just made me smile so big! Thanks for sharing.


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What a great story. Really put things in perspective. Hope this year is even better for you and your family.

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what an amazing story, and how great you remind us of the true meaning of Christmas. Thank you for sharing it with us. You made me smile so big.

God Bless

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That's a lovely story. Thank you for sharing.


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