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Prostate Cancer Recurrence after 10 years.

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I am 67 yeards old. I had Brachytherapy (seed implants) in 1998 after 5 weeks of radiation. My PSA declined after the procedure to 0.01 during 10 years. My annual PSA screening came back with a 10.1. I am scheduled for an MRI and bone scan next week. What kind of treatments will I be facing? By the way, my doctor did noy find anything anusual when he performed a DRE (Digital Rectal Exam)

Please share your experiences or comments.

Thanks, Bert

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So sorry to hear about your recurrence. I'm at 4 months post surgery (Davinci) so all I can offer is words of encouragement. Keep us posted on how you do. Do they think you can do radiation again? Or have the ruled that out all ready?

Larry in Tn. Age 55

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I have an appointment Monday for MRI and Bone Scan... I will let you know after the results are released.

Thank you.


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